As soon give birth 39 weeks of pregnancy?

Every mother looks forward to the birth of their baby.But sometimes it also happens that the patient is simply not enough.And often, a woman wonders how to have a faster 39 weeks of pregnancy.Can I do it, whether the child is ready to be born and how you can speed up - and it now wants to tell.

What happens at the 39th week

In the beginning, you need to understand what happens to a woman's body at this time and whether the baby is born.Thus, delivery at 39 weeks of pregnancy - a normal phenomenon.Scarce already formed to safely be born.His posture in the womb - head down, hands and feet are drawn in.This means that the natural process of creating it is already prepared.All his internal organs are also designed to work at the food until the baby gets through the umbilical cord and intestines it even sterile.It is also important to note that at this time the motor activity of the baby is significantly reduced.This is due to the fact that the amount of amniotic fluid decreases as the baby is not enou

gh space.The child can not move for a long time, but there is nothing to worry about.

Forerunners of birth: long

As can be understood that goes into labor at 39 weeks of pregnancy?Thus, it is possible to trace whether precursors of the first process.As at this time can feel the lady?For example, indicators can be distant and close.If we talk about long-distance:

  1. Deliveries will be very soon, when the stomach ladies down.The woman feels that's for sure, because it will be easier to breathe.However, diarrhea can occur as a baby will exert pressure on the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. False labor.Closer to the time of delivery (but occasionally in the second trimester of pregnancy), the lady may experience false labor pains, which got its name from the scientist and Braxton Hicks.So the body prepares for the appearance of a baby into the world.However, the strength of the contractions is significantly lower feeling not so painful.
  3. change in posture.Due to the fact that a woman's stomach is lowered, it moves the center of gravity.And, of course, change posture.Gait becomes a "duck."There may be discomfort, discomfort in the pubic symphysis and sacrum.

Forerunners of birth: close

However, there are more obvious signs that labor is about to come.If the lady pregnancy 39 weeks, the harbingers of births will be as follows:

  1. vaginal discharge.Before birth may appear brown mucus may streaked with blood.It's not scary, out mucus plug.It may also indicate that the leakage of amniotic fluid occurs.
  2. Waste mucus plug.She appears in the very first weeks of the formation of the baby.Its main function - protecting the baby from infection.This plug seals the entrance to the uterus, which does not allow viruses and infections to penetrate into its cavity.When she leaves, this is an important indication that labor will soon come.However, it can also go for a week before the appearance of a baby into the world.As can be understood that this is what happened?The woman will be thick mucus, their accumulation may streaked with blood.
  3. Motor activity baby.Before birth babies in the stomach as if subside.All because of - the lack of space for action.The child grows up, his stomach is maximized, but that is not enough crumbs.Therefore, fewer kids moving.
  4. changes in the cervix.This woman certainly did not feel, but a doctor can diagnose.So, it is very important to keep track of cervical dilatation, because these figures indicate how close the process of active labor at the ladies.
  5. change in body weight of women.Before birth weight women often decreases.Everything happens because the body of a pregnant accumulates estrogen (a hormone important for labor), which helps to reduce swelling.Excess liquid is removed from the body, reduces weight mothers.
  6. loose stools.The accumulation of estrogen in pregnant affects the status of women chairs.So, often about a week before childbirth woman would go to the toilet more often.This is a natural process of emptying the bowel before delivery.
  7. contractions.What else you need to know a woman if she has 39 weeks of pregnancy?Forerunners of birth, which indicate the start of the process - a fight.Pain while gradually be strengthened, and the time between sensations - to decline.

And, of course, an indication that natural childbirth close psychological changes are pregnant.A couple of weeks before the birth of the baby the woman becomes calm, peaceful, forgetful.Ceases to worry about trifles.It's very important because it helps in the process of preparing the ladies of labor.However, it should be said that all of these indicators are very individual.


If a woman wants to know how to have a faster 39 weeks of pregnancy, it is just to have sex.For a long time doctors have tried to deny intimacy in recent weeks childbearing.And all because it is an excellent induction of labor.Everything happens during orgasm ladies, when the body such reductions could be mistaken for the onset of labor.In any event, even if it does not help revitalization of labor, it certainly will not hurt.After all the positive emotions that the mother feels transmitted kid.However, it should be remembered that at this time a woman can be a little grease.In order not to spoil the feeling during intimacy, to stock up with artificial substitutes.

also works in a similar way and massage the nipples.It is not only excellent preparation for breastfeeding women, but also the natural stimulation of labor.

alcoholic drinks

can often read that natural childbirth can be considerably closer, if you drink a little alcohol.So, ladies are advised each other to take a glass of wine or alcohol mixture.According to them, it makes the baby as soon as possible to "choose" from the inside, as it is the power do not like.However, this fact is not confirmed by doctors.Furthermore, physicians do not get tired of repeating that drinking alcoholic beverages at any stage of gestation baby, you should not.After all, it can affect not only the health, but even on the development of the baby.

Special meals

are investigated further, as soon give birth 39 weeks of pregnancy.So, people say that you can eat some food, and they, in turn, accelerate the appearance of crumbs into the light.What, then, is offered to the ladies:

  1. spicy dishes.However, doctors have absolutely no scientific evidence of this.In addition, it is worth remembering that you can not eat while raw fish (if the woman chooses Japanese cuisine).
  2. olive oil.By this means the doctors do not give up.If you take it one tablespoon three times a day, uterine ligaments soften, improving its elasticity.In addition, it is not just a way to speed up the delivery, but also a method to avoid breaks in the time of the birth of the baby.
  3. Raspberry tea.This is a common method of accelerating delivery to the United States.So, you need to drink brewed from the leaves of raspberry and drink it, starting from the 35th week.However, all need to know the measure, it must be remembered.
  4. castor oil.Some women know that its use can cause contractions.But why is this happening?The fact is that castor oil has a laxative effect.This leads to what occurs early stimulation of the cervix.

Analyzing how to have a faster 39 weeks of pregnancy, it is worth remembering that on their own do not need to accelerate the process.Experts say that the need to stimulate generic activities only for medical reasons.In other cases, the kid himself knows best, it's time to be born, or you need a little more to sit in the stomach.

Medical stimulation

normal natural childbirth can begin at any time after the 37th week of pregnancy.At this time, the baby is already fully formed and ready for the world to see.Sometimes, however, the patient can be assigned to induction of labor (ratings patients then positive, because all this is happening under the exclusive supervision of midwives).However, this procedure should only be administered by a special performance.

Indicators induction of labor before the appointed time

In some cases, a woman in the 39th week of gestation baby can stimulate generic activities?

  1. multiple pregnancy.This is because two or more kiddies at that time already very close to the mother's abdomen.
  2. Medical records.This may be Rh-conflict mother and fetus, complications with the heart, high blood pressure.It is worth remembering that all this affects not only the mother's condition, but also on the baby.
  3. failure during childbirth.Earlier, the appointed time, in the 39th week, a woman may be medically encourage childbirth in the event that occurred premature discharge of water, Svatko weak and short-lived, if the disclosure of the cervix large and fights not, and if the lady was tired, exhausted, and noshe can lead the process of the emergence of the baby born.

Methods for induction of labor

If 39 weeks pregnant ladies, how to speed up deliveries?So, this doctor may choose one of the ways of induction of labor.

  1. applied to the neck of the uterus.For this lady entered prostaglandins, special hormones that cause the cervix to open up.
  2. Amniotomy, t. E. Opening the membranes of the bladder.This procedure is painless.When the water goes from the uterus, it increases the pressure, the baby's head presses on the pelvic bones, which stimulates the birth of crumbs.
  3. Oxytocin.Introduction of this hormone stimulates uterine body.

When the stimulation is forbidden?

If ladies pregnancy 39 weeks (the second birth, the first - it does not matter), induction of labor it may be prohibited on the following parameters:

  • Location of the child is wrong, he is not ready for normal process of birth.
  • baby is not an ideal condition (heart monitor readings are important).
  • head size does not fit crumbs pelvis mother.
  • mother has certain health problems (such as a seam in the uterus).

In all these cases, the most natural childbirth becomes impossible lady appoint cesarean section.