Features printing on T-shirts

At the present time it is difficult to find an original and at the same time a useful gift for a loved one, and for the companion.Despite the fairly wide selection of gifts, one the most interesting options is a T-shirt with the image.As a figure often used by photographers of the future owner of a gift or an original sentence, and for the kids - favorite cartoon heroes.

Thanks to modern advances there is a special unit for printing on T-shirts.Depending on the technology used, there are several ways of drawing pictures on T-shirt:

- printing on special textile printer.The essence of this method is to place the object printing on special movable table that goes to the printer.Inside the printing unit, the entire work: patterning, securing paint.With this technology the highest quality is achieved by using white shirts.The advantages of this type include: fast preparation for printing, high resolution, the possibility of applying both drawings and inscriptions.The disadvantages are the high cost, it

takes a long time to print;

- printing using an intermediate carrier.The basis of this method is two options: sublimation printing technology and «magic touch».The essence of the first: the image is applied to the paper with special ink that, when exposed to the temperature by pressing transferred onto the fabric.When this technology is performed repainting threads.The second technique is to perform the figure on a special film, which is attached by means of thermo T-shirt.The ideal material for this process is cotton.The only limitation of this method - not suitable for the T-shirts made of polyester;

- Decal.It is a process of sticking colored pieces of film size.Plus, this technology - a wide range of material used and its color.Minus - a large labor input;

- thermal transfer.The technology is the method of silk-screen printing.Transfer of the pattern with a special paper on the fabric made using thermal press or iron.Advantages: apply wide range of colors, suitable for any type of fabric, speed, low cost.Disadvantages - a long preparation, failure to apply variable information;

-shelkografiya on the fabric.The bottom line: drawings are applied to the fabric using special stencils.Pluses: resistance of images, speed, low cost, the use of special effects.Disadvantages similar to the prior art.

Thus, the choice of the method and technology of printing on a T-shirt depends on the speed, quality, quantity, material and cost.