Where to get a technical opinion on the state of the construction?

What is this document and why he might need?Technical inspection of the construction is carried out in order to determine the condition of the building at the moment, to identify defects, find performance to predict the quality of facilities for the future.The design organization you can order not only services for the design, but also carrying out technical inspection of any building, and then you get a conclusion, all the relevant regulations and laws.

when you might need the document?

Project Company will examine the technical condition of buildings, his bearing and protecting designs for future use or possible reconstruction.This service is in demand at any stage of the construction of the building.For example, you need a project of reconstruction of buildings, but before you proceed directly to the design, you need to conduct a full examination of the engineering to the team of designers was the most complete picture of the structure.Or, for example, you decide to make alterations to the premi

ses in any building.It can not be done only on a whim, and it is necessary to begin to carry out technical inspection.Indeed, in the course of work may increase the load on the walls or partitions you remove those that affect the integrity of the building and therefore the safety of occupants.Also, when buying houses, industrial buildings, apartments, unfinished should contact the project organization and obtain technical advice about the performance.If you are going to complete the construction of the building, which staid for a long time without any intervention, this conclusion is also required.Very often, a survey carried out at the design of the transaction on the sale of real estate, as it allows us to estimate the object.

Our company employs trained professionals who expertly suited to any task, conduct technical inspection of facilities at the highest level, based on which they will draw up a report.It will contain not only the analysis of the construction, but also recommendations for improvement, if necessary.

How is the technical examination?

It occurs in several stages.First, experts leave the object, evaluate the duration and complexity of the work.Next, the collection of preliminary information about the time of construction of the structure, its lifetime, and so on.After that, employees of the design organization examined visually design, produce tools, zamerochnye work.The next step is for calibration calculations.This is a very important stage of technical inspection.It identifies existing defects, abnormal sediment soil, temperature effects, and more.This is not the entire list of services and works, performed by the project organization.

According to a survey you get a report, which sets out all the findings of the work carried out, the possibility of operating buildings at the moment, for permission to increase the load on the state of individual structures (walls, roof, basement), about existing defects and their solutions.Be sure to contact the project organization to produce relevant documents.You can avoid penalties and are calm for the condition of the building and its occupants.Also technical opinion will easily donate space for rent, sell it and take any other action.