Plant disease in the pot - an amazing recovery.

When ills beset by agreeing to any treatment.What do we do with varying success almost constantly.And you wonder how get rid of sores, our distant ancestors?It turns out they had their secrets.For example, you can put the disease in elementary pot.Great healing responses which cause admiration and enthusiasm, not known to all.Let's meet him, suddenly come in handy!

Plant disease in the pot - an amazing healing?

Those of you who have heard about this method for the first time, what kind of container you imagine?Our imagination often throws unexpected trick.In fact, we are talking about a flower pot.You know, in this house plants grow.This method is called "plant disease in the pot - an amazing healing."Reviews about him passed from mouth to mouth as in the olden days.People are mostly kind to one another.They really try to share valuable information.For example, a mom on a walk with the kids often tell her friends about an ancient method of healing.It is not very complicated.You need to have a good heart and a seedling to buy a special lunar calendar.Of course, not interfere in the performance of the ritual to try to fall in love with the bush or flower that has come to you for help.At least his sense of gratitude should be sent.

Whose technology?

Many people have a strong belief about the recipes come from a particular source.Trust they cause only proven methodologies recommended by reputable personalities.What's in this regard can be said about the ritual "to put the disease into the pot - an amazing healing"?Reviews about him come from different sides.We can not say that it is known only in the east or west.Various nations are likely to independently came to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransmitting the disease to plants.Certainly guide them old as now say genetic memory.Interestingly, the technique that is now distributed under the long title "plant disease in the pot - an amazing healing," described in a variety of sources.For example, she taught in Tibet, it was used Maya, not to mention the ancient Slavs.People in those days, and greater confidence in the nature of their connection with it.Maybe they were sick of it less?Now, we hardly know.

How to conduct the rite

Now let's deal with the technique of the method "to put the disease into the pot - an amazing healing."Reviews of him, if they carefully understand, not always, unfortunately, are positive.The thing is that people did not read or listen to, without going into details.We are not just analyze the methodology of the process, and we justify it.Realizing the connection with one or another factor, you never forget how to properly perform the ritual.After all, every movement will find meaningful, is understandable.Even if you take a long time, logic will tell those actions that slip from memory.Agree, it is worth spending time on detailed analysis to be able to win a sudden illness or catching!After reading the text to the end, you'll see all the unprecedented power of this method, we have inherited from a much wiser ancestors.

Step One: the time of

you remember that the ritual requires the lunar calendar?The fact that the plant disease in the pot and can speak only on certain days.They are calculated according to this source of knowledge.That is, the technique works only when the waning moon.A visually identify such a person ignorant difficult period.Since the condition is very hard, then it should be required to perform.For this and need a lunar calendar.People who practiced the rite of "plant disease in a pot" does not detail their responses.That is, not everyone mentions, whether this condition is complied with.However, try not to forget.This is due to the magical properties of the Queen of the night.Descending, it collects from the planet (live) negative energy.Disease refers to such.

Step two: land preparation

Some say that the pot has a value itself.Do not believe it!Tara does not matter.Choose any.But will have to work with the soil.It is advisable to buy or type in a garden especially for the ceremony.From the quality depends on the effectiveness of the ritual.It is necessary that the plant required to germinate.You understand that the poor quality of the soil will reduce the chance of a seed or grain (bulbs).It is not magic, and botany.By the way, people who experienced the simple ailments method "to put the disease into the pot - an amazing healing" who helped, of course, say the same thing.Begins to act only when there is a small sprout.A withered seed, most healing do not wait.Therefore, you need to become a little agronomist to cope with the disease.

start to tell fortunes

acquisition of good soil preparations do not end there.It is necessary to establish contact with the sick person.The plant is required to have some information about who treats!To do this, a soil mix with a little discharge of the patient.What are they dependent on the disease.Usually they take the saliva, pus or urine.This operation must be performed before the ceremony.In fact, it is the beginning.Be sure to remember that it is necessary to establish a "relationship with the patient" before landing a disease in a pot.User comments In this sense, unequivocal.Those who forget this important step, did not get any success.Their further work are in vain.It's a pity.I had to repeat the ritual again.

Completion ceremony

We have omitted the plant variety to be planted.This example alone.Say how exactly to put the disease into the pot.Healing will come to the patient only when the seed germinates.This will require a couple of days.If within the said period, you did not notice anything, then repeat the rite.Something went wrong.When the desired herbs appeared above the ground, then you must do the following.This nascent plant, otherwise it will not name, dig the roots and discard.A method of destroying an assistant in the fight against the disease depends on the disease.It is just as important as all other stages.The ritual is not small things that can be skipped.

destroy germ

get acquainted with the rules according to which it should get rid of the green helper.They are as follows.If the disease is associated with the release of pus (abscess, sore throat), blood (menstruation), phlegm (cough) or sweat, it burned.In parentheses are the not all of the disease, you know.Simple examples to navigate and think correctly.In any case, I will have to work his head, before you put the disease into the pot and start talking.Reviews of procedure sometimes contain no success stories, and just rhetorical questions concerning the classification of the failure illnesses.You can advise only one thing: plant two plants and destroy them in different ways.Incidentally, the second is that the green assistant allowed in water.Just throw it in the river or lake (creek view).

What to say when the ritual?

Many people wonder whether there is a special plot for this ceremony.That is what they consider important, when asked how to put the disease into the pot.Reviews of practicing "doctors" are also devoted to this topic.People believe that without magic spells nothing.In fact, more important to radiate love to seed, you obviously prepared for emergency destruction.Suppose it's just a plant, but it is alive.And this little sprout sacrifices himself for the healing of a man!It deserves respect and gratitude!Say, for example, like this: "I beg you, (name), help (the person's name) to get rid of the disease eats it!Take it yourself!I thank you for your help! ".

Determine the disease

Now the main thing.Each disease has its own planet.Here is an illustrative list.It is this:

  • Moon: gout, rheumatism, dropsy, festering wounds, allergic seizures, sleepwalking, epilepsy, intestinal worms, lice, menstrual disorders, alcoholism.
  • Mars: diseases of the ear, lung, liver, inflammation of hemorrhoids, colds and headaches, diarrhea and constipation, gangrene.
  • Mercury: fainting, brain disorders, stuttering, delusions and fears, teeth, ulcers on the skin.
  • Jupiter: heart and blood vessels, stomach and intestines, sore throat, eye disease and musculoskeletal system, poisoning.
  • Venus: kidneys, the genital area.
  • Saturn: oncology, psoriasis, eczema, lupus, fractures, system and country (not diagnosed) ailments.
  • Sun: burns, flu, paralysis, frostbite, improper metabolism and the effects of stroke and trauma.

select plants

Choose from the list above disease.Each planet helping their own plants.You just need to buy the right seeds.The principle is:

  • Moon: aster, datura, camellia, carrots, lettuce, anemone.
  • Mars: basil, nettle, leeks, psyllium, beetroot, radish, horseradish, pepper.
  • Mercury: Valerian, Anise, dahlia, clover, bindweed, Daisy.
  • Jupiter: cornflower, sesame, mint, peony, dandelion, rose, violet, rutabaga.
  • Venus: begonia, marshmallow, geranium, peas, beans, yarrow, tulip.
  • Saturn: rosemary, pansies, potatoes, buttercup, corn, fennel, rhubarb, belladonna.
  • Sun: AIR, sunflower, daisy, hyacinth, St. John's wort, buttercup, adonis, thyme, marigold.

As you can see, a lot of plants.They should be selected on the respective diseases certain planet.An important condition is: take seeds or onions.Do not use the leaves or shoots.Otherwise, you can harm the patient.That is, again, your assistant before the ceremony should be "not yet alive", "dry", as defined by the ancients.If you attract already overgrown with grass, and it will die, the harm your patient.


briefly enumerate what is needed to put the disease into the pot: the waning moon, prepared soil, sputum ailing.Be sure to talk with your green helper.And it is not only during the ritual.He will live a couple of days.After all, in the depths of the soil cells within minutes begin to share.Ask seed soak illness and pick it up yourself.And when it comes time to "murder" or complete the ritual, then thank this tiny plant.It does a great job.So, in any case, the ritual attitude the creators from different nations.They adored nature, whose children we all are today.And one more condition that remains in default, is faith.Without it, no method makes even the most scientific.Ask the doctors themselves.Good luck!