How to find a package: by number, ID

In connection with the spread of order goods over the Internet has increased the amount of work at the postal services.Increasingly, they are faced with obtain parcels after passing customs control of foreign countries.Order and pay for goods, the buyer can track your purchase via the Internet.This service is becoming more popular, so in the vast World Wide Web service sites appear containing all the information on the work of postal services.Track cargo can be entered on the desired field identification number.Consider this situation more and try to answer the question of how to find the package.

the administration of foreign states

Say you decide to buy the thing you're interested in the shop, which specializes in selling products of the domestic manufacturer.You choose the goods, pay for it and then wait when your package will be sent by mail.After some manipulation in the form of checking the goods and packaging its register for the administration of which is assigned TREK-number.With it, you can be informed as to the location of your product.Find the parcel number is very simple.For this service at any site must be entered in the assigned number.Service program immediately give you all the movement and registration, where the product was recorded.

the administration on the Russian Post

Sending parcels at the post office is also popular today.Various shops or individuals send their goods to customers by mail.Often the payment is made on delivery.Having packed a thing in the mail box, postal worker is taken for its registration and send.In the process of registration, it is assigned an identification number.You can see it in check, which will be given to you after the payment of postal services.Find parcel indifikatoru can also use the service site on the Internet.

Differences TREK-number and identity

Non-bearing for a same meaning their affiliation, have some differences.So, TREK-number consists of 13 characters.The first and last two characters are given in Latin letters.The first two letters indicate the very premise (the size of carry-on baggage, the method of origin, traceability, etc.).The last two letters - to the sender.

TREK-point number to check if you are the sender.If you are the recipient of the goods purchased, the number can be seen on your trading platform in any online store or seller will send a message by email.Sometimes sellers do not provide such services, unless asked to send a number of packaged and sent hand luggage.

The Russian designation is much easier.Parcels sent to the territory of the country is assigned a 14-digit code.The first six digits indicate the number assigned to the post office, where shaped by hand luggage.

Find parcel

If you are experiencing for a long mail delivery of your goods, you can periodically review its location.Find the parcel number is possible at any post service website.Sites related to the Russian Post, also give information on the movement and abroad.The table issued will contain all the movements.Fixing shipped cargo from the moment of receipt at the post office, where it is assigned a number.Next, import the parcel, it passes control to the Customs office and a few "crossings" in the country reaches its recipient.

In Russia all the movements are much faster.For example, cargo could be reached this week from one end of the country to the opposite point.

loss of hand luggage

sometimes find yourself indifikatoru parcel fails.What to do?How to find a parcel?

It often happens that the postal service website tracking the updates did not occur.Then you should contact your post office.Perhaps your shipment has arrived and is registered as a receipt.

If the goods came from another country, you can appeal to the customs.There were cases when the goods are sent back for various reasons, do not meet the requirements.In the case where you do not know where to go on the card is lost, you will also help post.Find sending them a little easier.They know the intended route shipped cargo.Employees of the postal service can contact their counterparts directly or send a written request to the Internet.Possible review of all post offices, which had come to hand luggage.Somewhere it has to "float", if there was actually sent.

FAQ employees of postal services

employees of the post office for the day can listen to and answer a lot of repetitive questions.And the answers are sometimes quite banal.

  • Question : how to find a parcel?(most urgent).
    answer : on the Internet at the service of postal services by entering identification number obtained during registration.

  • Question : what is the shelf life of letters or parcels?
    answer : all accepted things postal services are kept 30 days of receipt if a parcel or letter is not taken, to recover them back.

  • Question : how to find the parcel if it was sent by mistake to a different location?
    answer : within a few days after the detection of the error, she was sent for a given destination.

  • Question : if the increased delivery time sending what to do in such a case, the recipient?
    answer : the recipient is entitled to make a written statement and a receipt for payment of postal services.Will consider appeals director of mail, his deputy, or the workers themselves.They explain all the originating situation and take measures to quickly resolve the issue.

As you can see, in search of the premises does not require a lot of difficulties and endless phone calls.Today, information technology is so advanced that the search for possible one-button mouse.If you decide to order goods in the shop, we recommend only proven sellers, who exactly sent the purchase by mail.