How to bring up kittens without a cat?

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In the world there are many people who are willing to selflessly come to the aid of not only people but also animals.What to do if the kittens were left without a cat?Or these kids someone picked up on the street?How to bring up kittens and cats without the need to do that such crumbs increased high-grade animals - this and it will continue.

First Steps

What initially need to do to lonely kittens feel good?In this case, you need to provide them with three critical points:

  1. Kids need a so-called "slot", ie. E. A place where they can sleep and spend most of their time.They have to be heated to be warm.
  2. also need to think about how to collect the cat's waste: feces and urine kids.
  3. And be sure to correctly feed the kittens.

If the feeding of the rules will be discussed further, and everything will be painted down to the smallest detail, the first two points have to still pay a little bit at this point of time.

organization seat of kittens

month If a kitten is already more independent and does not require special conditions of detention, the crumbs newborns - is a completely different matter.So, we must remember that the normal body temperature of a cat is between 38 ° C.That is why in the nest kittens and should be such that the temperature increased slightly.You can use hot water bottles or electric heaters, safely hidden under several layers of fabric.It is also the seat of the kittens will need to pave soft natural cloth (best of all - children's flannel diaper), which periodically need to be washed (getting rid of the waste kids).In order to "nest" to retain heat, it is best to cover something woolen (it may be the old grandma's scarf).

Importantly, experts advise to organize a place to stay kids in a basin rather than in a cardboard box.And all because that the container does not absorb odors and is more hygienic option.

main feeding

It's time to figure out how to bring up kittens without cats.Initially, we must understand how it is possible to feed these kids.Of course, you can nurture them cow's milk, but experts do not advise.And all because the composition of cow's milk and cat differ greatly.This is very important.So, the cat's milk in its composition has a much higher protein, fat and ash content.It is these elements are important for proper growth and development of the remaining kittens without a mother.

Cat mixture

milk replacer for kittens can be purchased at the store.This is the best option.However, it may be not available to all.In this case it is necessary to prepare a mixture of themselves.Especially since this is not a problem.After all, there are many different recipes, how to do it.

  1. necessary in half a liter of cow's milk to dissolve the egg yolk and about 4 tspsugar.
  2. boiled 50 ml and 50 ml of whole cow's milk mix, to add half the egg yolk and one teaspooncorn oil.
  3. Mix 50 ml of whole cow milk, 15 g of the same milk in powder form.Here we add a little more than 2 g of dry yeast.
  4. in fennel broth diluted milk in powder form to the consistency of a viscous slurry.There you can add a little cream to increase the fat content of the mixture.
  5. Glass 10% -x cream diluted with boiled water to the consistency of 1: 2.

All these recipes can be used safely, as these compounds are easily transferred kittens.However, it is important to remember that pre-cooked food should not be kept more than a day (of course, in the refrigerator).And, of course, the food the kittens should be heated to a temperature at 38 ° C immediately before feeding.

Terms feeding kittens

Analyzing how to bring up kittens cats without necessarily need to know the power and the schedule of the kids.So, ideally, they should eat every one and a half to two hours.It is worth noting that at the same time, you can also change the crumbs or bottle warmer.So, what is the schedule of the most optimal supply of kittens?

  • first two weeks the kids need to be fed every two hours, severely throughout the day and always night.
  • next 10 days (until about three weeks of age crumbs) they need to be fed every 2-3 hours during the day, at night it is sufficient to be 1 or 2 times.
  • From 25 th to 35 th day kids can already be fed every 2.5-3 hours in the afternoon, at night feeding is given once.

If you have to feed the kitten milk, we must remember that it will take approximately 20-30 minutes of personal time.And so every two hours.

How to feed a kitten?

learning how to bring up kittens without cats should definitely make sure how the kids would get the milk or the prepared mixture.To do this, there are a variety of options, proven considerable number of people:

  1. pipette from which milk is supplied in doses and the kitten can safely sip dose.So, the baby is placed on his left hand, in half-sitting position, on the back.It is important to remember that in the mouth with a mixture of kitten is not exposed to air, it is harmful.
  2. milk replacer for kittens and babies can be fed via an ordinary syringe (note: without the needle!).In the mouth crumbs should get liquid on one bar.This is a great option also because a kitten can suck like a syringe nipple size it is most similar to a cat.
  3. spoon.However, a great risk that in this case, the baby's sucking reflex disappears, and they shall not be able to continue to eat normally.
  4. And, of course, easier to use special nipples for kittens that you can buy in pet stores.However, it should be noted that they are not for newborns crumbs and kittens, which can introduce solid foods.There can be purchased and small bottles, which are calculated on the amount of consumption of food is kids.Importantly, these nipples for kittens are acquired once, they do not need to be changed.But only if they are not damaged during supply.

volume of food for kittens

considering various options to bring up as a newborn kitten without a cat should also be noted that it is important to observe the correct dosage of food.After all, if you give the kitten too much food, it is to overeat, and if not enough, therefore, will remain hungry.

  • In the first five days, you need to prepare a mixture of 30 ml per 100 g of the kitten (the dosage on the day).
  • Further, to two weeks of age, must be given to 38 ml per 100 gram weight.
  • from 14 to 24 minutes a day: at 45 ml per day per 100 grams of weight.
  • 25-55-th day: 55 ml per 100 grams kitten per day.

dose is calculated from these indicators and is divided into the number of feedings.It can vary.However, it is necessary to clarify that better kittens fed more frequently, but in smaller portions, as is the case with humans.

The problems in nutrition

Sometimes people look for information on how to teach a kitten to drink milk.It did not have to do, if one is not "kill" the sucking reflex in crumbs.That is why it is best to feed the bottoms of 2-syringe, as noted above.

However, there comes a time when it is necessary to teach the kittens to eat on their own, without the help of people.In this case, you simply put in front of toddler bowl with milk and a little dip in the snout food.Kitten lick and feel the taste of milk.Then he will try to scoop up his own with his tongue.Several attempts and crumb begins to understand how to eat on their own milk.However, this may not happen immediately.In such a case would have to finish feeding the kitten also from the nipples.

How is the kitten?

Well, in the end you need to tell us a little bit, that can already month kitten.Thus, according to the conducted back in 1969 to research, babies cats viewed these behavioral forms:

  1. kids open their eyes about the 12th day of his life.
  2. 20-22 day kittens begin to walk.
  3. At the same time, kids begin to wash themselves, to lick.
  4. Climb they begin to learn somewhere on the 25th day.
  5. In months of age, they have a great pleasure playing both with themselves and with others.
  6. Aggression as kittens beginning to emerge about 52-55 minutes a day in their lives.

Depending on these parameters can be viewed properly if all the kittens develop, and whether some of the litter deviation.