Spring primroses - the messengers of heat

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spring primroses that can be tender and beautiful after a long winter?These lovely flowers - the messengers of spring, the earliest they seek to reach the sunlight.They are not afraid of freezing, and they are not afraid of a sudden fallen spring snow.His beauty are pleasing short, in June you will not find a trace of that beauty.

If your garden yet primroses necessarily plant.It is impossible to convey the feeling, when the frozen ground, and sometimes in the snow suddenly appear delicate flowers.At this point, the long winter retreats.Many spring primroses protected by the state, so to dig them out of the environment is not necessary.In stores today you can buy all sorts of planting material, the nature of that you save and enhance endangered species.

most common representatives of primroses are gagea, Galanthus, sleep-grass, bluebell, brandushka, spring primrose, erantis.Now look closely better.

Snowdrop (Galanthus)

This flower is familiar to each of us - snowdrop, primrose.Photos shown on the left.But in fact his real name - Galanthus.Garden planted snowdrops usually shaded, but the sun's rays warmed the ground.Suitable time for planting bulbs of July - September, at which time the plants are dormant.Bulbs themselves do not tolerate long drying, so keep them in the air more than a month is not recommended.If you can not plant, in which case they need to pour sawdust.


The people - yellow snowdrop or Gusyatnikov yellow.Gagea, as well as the snowdrop - melkolukovichnoe plant.Flowers - yellow asterisks graceful.Flowering long, but abundant, covering the space of a lawn or edge of the forest.Plant can be propagated by seed, bulbils and "the children" who grow up on the mother tuber.Sow the seeds, usually under the winter.When grown from tubers fall to their already sown lawn grass plot and slightly deepened into the ground.By planting in such a way, you get the natural scattering of yellow flowers on a green lawn.


Backache or the people - pasqueflower (Pulsatilla) - also spring primroses.Photo miracle of a flower on the left.It blooms before the socket of radical leaves large single flowers in the form of bells purple, white or red.The special charm of this flower gives the thick silver "tail" of the petals.Flower listed in the Red Book and protected by the state.

Brandushka (Bulbocodium)

spring primroses can be grown in pots, for example barandushku.Many people confuse this plant with crocuses, very much like their flowers.The mild climate blossom bloom in February and almost a month.Every 2 years the fall flower bulbs should be dug up and divided.


In folk - ERANTHIS or winter buttercup.Very beautiful flower that blooms early snowdrops.Flowering period - about 3 weeks, often right out from under the snow.Propagated by seeds that are sown in the fall in the penumbra, it will bloom for only 3 years, but how!

Primula spring

can not imagine a spring garden without primrose.It is a wide variety of colors and shades, very unpretentious.It propagated by dividing rhizomes.Long blooming and pleasing to the eye.

spring primroses, settling in your garden, always will be the most welcome heralds of spring.The following list can be supplemented with many more species.And each flower, you can dedicate a separate novel, so the choice is only yours.