The choice of floor coolers for office

Before purchasing a water dispenser should carefully examine the commercially available model.Thus, a wide range of these devices can be seen in the store, "Shishkin LesĀ» ( or other company engaged in the implementation of similar equipment.But before you buy a dispenser, it is necessary to decide on its model.Now producers offer many kinds of outdoor units.They have different value opportunities.Therefore, before ordering the cooler should carefully examine its characteristics.

What to look for when buying

First, we must see which of the units provided.Initially, all dispensers cooling only.Their task was the issuance of cold water.Now these models can also be purchased.And they are the most inexpensive.But manufacturers offer more sophisticated machines that work on the heating of the liquid.These models are more functional, they heated hot water can be used for brewing coffee or tea.

Second, modern dispensers may have a built-in mini-fridge.These models are more expensive, but they are very comfortable in the office.In the fridge you can store food, dinners that employees wear to work with him.Depending on the volume of its cooler refrigerator can reach 50 - 60 liters.

Third, some coolers may be built cupboard.It is quite small in size, but it can be stored disposable cups and other utensils, which are often used by employees.Of course, the dispenser with built-in cabinet is not a necessity, but it is convenient.After all the necessary accessories for tea are always at hand.Furthermore, when the office come customers, visitors, not to be found in different parts of the premises they glass or cup to provide the tea.Everything you need will be to get out of the cooler in a matter of seconds.

Which unit to choose?This depends on the capabilities and preferences of the company.More expensive dispensers are also more functional.But cheap and simple machines, too, are in steady demand.In addition, they are cheaper than devices with cupboard and a mini fridge.Yet too to save when buying a cooler is not necessary.As a minimum, the dispenser must be two modes of operation - for heating and cooling.