How to have a transparent background image?

in our computer always occupy an important place photos, pictures, backgrounds for your desktop and other images.This is something that can be found in any PC, no matter who the owner - a man or woman, adult or child.Often there is a need to place the picture on the internet or just want to do something interesting with your photo.For example, replace the regular, real background on some colorful, more interesting and original.

For this we need any other program for convenient image editing in which you can perform a few simple steps and replace the background image in the photograph.

How to make a transparent background, we will tell you the example of the two programs.

first - is a simpler version of the image editing program - paint net.This program reminds us of the ordinary, for drawing, which is a standard list of Windows.But it's a little modernized and has more features and functions.The program is very useful when you need to remove the background from the image and leave only a particula

r object, there is also the opportunity to use a variety of effects to change the image, can be applied to text on photos and more.

Make a transparent background is not quite difficult.Open using paint net needed photo or image.Pressing the line in the context menu "open with" choose the list of our program, the next picture will open in the edit box.

the toolbar on the left on the screen, you see icons - buttons, which we'll have to use it.Of all we need, "Eraser" and "magic wand."

How to make a transparent background?Learn. first enlarges the image so that you can more accurately and carefully erase eraser unwanted parts of an image and perform this task, as close as possible to the object that you need to leave in a single copy in the visible.Then the tool undertake the "magic wand."With its help you select the unnecessary area of ​​the image and delete button «Delete».I want to note that this tool selects all of the same color pattern.Be careful, unwanted areas can match in color with the right part of the image, not accidentally delete the wrong thing.In any case, programmers invented undo the last action - a blue arrow located on the toolbar.And so with the help of "Eraser" and "magic wand" we gradually remove all superfluous from the image.Around the desired object is a checkered background.Here's how to make a transparent background image from the program paint net.To save your image to a computer with a transparent background click on the menu "file" line - "Save as" and choose a path and a desired format - gif or png, reserve.

In this important process of working with a photo it will be a good helper and Photoshop.How to make a transparent background from the images in this more complex program?

Here you can use the same tools and principle of operation as in the paint net, well, if you want good quality, very smooth and beautiful edges of the selected item that you want to leave on a transparent background, then you have some work to do and useOther toolbar buttons.Use the tools you need to "lasso" - namely - Polygonal Lasso Tool and the Magnetic Lasso Tool (if you do not Russified version of the program).With this tool, we draw out an object, stroke dotting fixing, just repeating the shape of the object, and when you connect a line drawn "lasso" (it will close), it flashes.This means that the selected object is ready for further changes.Click the allocation of the necessary fragment, right-click the shortcut menu select the line «Layer via Copi» - make a copy of the layer.After that, in the tab "layers" choose the original image, select its instrument «Rectangular Marquee toll» (it is located on the control panel in the upper left corner of the control panel).Click the button «del» key on your keyboard.Background become transparent.Save the image as such can be the same as in the aforesaid application.

How to make a transparent background from photos or pictures in "Photoshop", you now also know.The theoretical knowledge is not enough, so go to the computer.Program "Photoshop" and "" at your disposal.