Lovely Lady Dee.

August 31 around the world revere the memory of the prematurely departed from us, Princess of Wales - Diana.She was a queen of hearts, a style icon for all time.Its secular way of truly be called great: from shy girl she turned into an influential diva.However, to live the beloved woman was destined to only 36 years old ... The funeral of Princess Diana was broadcast live to the world September 6, 1997.


August 31, 1997.Paris.Night.As a result of a car accident died tragically Diana - Princess of Wales.The funeral took place a week later - September 6th.The tragedy occurred in the tunnel before the bridge on the embankment of the river Alma called Sung.Diana died two hours after the vehicle has been extracted from the "Mercedes".In the blood of the deceased driver found exceeding the allowable concentration of alcohol three times.In addition, the vehicle speed limit was exceeded twice.He survived only a princess bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones.To this day, he has amnesia, he does not remember anything about those tragic events (or do not want to remember).

How was the funeral of Princess Diana

burial place

buried Diana Frances Spencer in Northamptonshire - the family estate.Diana was so well-known personality in the world that in the headlines of her death did not specify who it is.The whole world, and so knew he was talking about.


from 1 to 8 September lasted mourning for Lady Dee.During this period of Buckingham, Kensington and James's Palace was placed in memory of the princess-five million (!) Bouquets of flowers (photo 3).Their total weight is about 15 tons!In one of the palaces of 43 books, designed for visitors, were completely filled with records of condolences.In addition, these publications are not only in the UK but around the world.


funeral of Princess Diana was broadcast all over the world live.It was noted that they looked 2.5 billion viewers from all over the earth.Please


September 9 Diana's brother - Lord Spencer - urged people to lay bouquets of Lady Di to the house and donate funds spent on flowers for charity.That's what she would have approved of the princess.As a result of the colors were taken to the island, which lies Lady Di, and part was distributed to hospitals.

Incidents at the funeral

the day when they passed the funeral of Princess Diana (Photo 2), ironically died on Mother Teresa - a woman who is very much admired the deceased during his lifetime.We must assume that the news of the death of Teresa remained practically unnoticed amid the general grief.

In addition, the funeral of Princess Diana were overshadowed by another incident.Her brother blamed his sister's death in the media.He pointed out that Diana was the most popular among the paparazzi person.The whole world supported the then Lord.Indeed, greed took journalists to ohotlivyh dirty gossip, ready to do anything to the scandalous and shocking images.Too much has been talked about, viewed, quoted.

Incidentally, during the life of the princess herself, too irritated eternal circling the photographers and paparazzi around his person.Lady Di never play in public, so the constant presence of the press was not for her any necessity.So in that tragic night paparazzi chased the "Mercedes" with Lady Di, and after death were not too lazy to make a sensational shots.

legal aspect

criminal investigation into the death of Lady Di shut down not long ago.Litigation continued until 2008.April 7 the investigation into the death of Princess Diana was completed.Nine of the eleven jurors returned a verdict stating that her death - is manslaughter, which occurred due to the negligence of the driver of the "Mercedes" to their official duties, and because of the paparazzi pursuing the princess in their cars.