Beria Lavrenty Pavlovich: man in eyeglasses

Beria Lavrenty Pavlovich - a prominent Soviet politician.At the time of his reign as head of the NKVD the peak of repression.

future party leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Beria Lavrenty Pavlovich was born in the small mountain village of Abkhazia March 29, 1899 (March 17 to the old chronology).Growing up in a poor peasant family, he tried to get out of poverty.Sparing no effort, Lawrence studied and was known as the best student of the school.In 1915, graduated with honors from Sukhumi primary school, he enrolled in secondary technical school at the Baku Mechanics.Young Beria had no money, no recommendations.About any payments to students while there was no question.So he was forced to combine work and study.In Sukhumi, he earned by giving lessons in Baku has replaced a number of specialties, looking for a chance to feed not only himself, but also his mother and sister moved in with him.

the spring of 1917, he joined the Bolsheviks, and the summer was sent to the Romanian front.After the defeat of the army, he returned to Azerbaijan, he joined the Bolshevik underground, headed by Mikoyan, and performs various tasks (until the arrival of Soviet power in the Caucasus in 1920).

autumn of 1919, Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria counterintelligence officer becomes established national defense under the Committee of Azerbaijan, in April 1920, sent to work in Georgia, which at that time was under the control of the Mensheviks.In the course of organizing the uprising against the Georgian government, Beria was arrested and sent to the Kutais prison and deported to Baku.

Beria Lavrenty Pavlovich came to the KGB operation in the spring of 1921, becoming the head of the secret section of the Baku CHK and in late autumn 1922 - the deputy chairman of the KGB of Georgia.In 1926, Lawrence was appointed chairman of the GPU, and from April 1927 the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.

From spring 1931 all operations to destroy the Mensheviks and members of other parties, the kulaks, the bourgeoisie carried out only under the personal supervision of Beria, who took the time as chairman of the Transcaucasian GPU.In the autumn of the same year at the urging of Stalin, he was appointed secretary of the regional committee of the party.Convergence of Beria and Stalin contributed to not only work, but also the common recreation in Sochi and Abkhazia.During one of them, the Coast Guard does not understand the situation, opened fire on a pleasure boat Stalin.Beria leader shielded from the bullets with his body, which could not be the starting point for the development of closer relations between the two high-ranking officials.

Beria, whose biography is full of white spots, was the most severe head Commissariat of Internal Affairs.Since the late 1930s, he led mass repression among state and party apparatus.According to numerous testimonies, he personally participated in beatings and torture of prisoners.Under the leadership of Beria were carried out mass deportations from the Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine, the Polish officers were shot.

After Stalin's death, members of the Presidium of the Central Committee, frightened by the increased authority of man in pince-nez, secretly took the decision to remove him from the leadership.On false charges June 26, 1953 he was taken to jail.Beria's execution took place on the day of the sentencing court, headed by Marshal Konev I. It was December 23, 1953.