The physical properties of water

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Water is one of the main substances that ensure the existence of the planet and humanity.This is a completely unique element without which life is impossible any living creature.Some of the chemical and physical properties of water are unique.

importance of this matter can not be overestimated.Water covers most of the planet, forming the oceans, seas, rivers and other bodies of water.It is directly involved in the formation of climate and weather, thus ensuring the existence of certain conditions in a particular part of the world.

For many organisms, it serves as a habitat.In addition, almost every living thing in one way or another it is out of the water.For example, the content of it in the human body is 70 to 90 percent.

physical properties of water: a brief description of

water molecule is unique.The formula certainly it is known to all: H2O.But some of the physical properties of water are directly dependent on the structure of its molecules.

In nature, water exists in three states of aggregation.Under normal conditions, the liquid substance is a colorless, odorless and tasteless.When the temperature drops and the water crystallizes into ice.When the temperature passes a liquid to a gaseous state - water vapor.

water is characterized by a high density, which is about 1 gram per cubic centimeter.Boil water occurs when the temperature rises to a hundred degrees Celsius.But when the temperature drops to 0 degrees the liquid turns into ice.

Interestingly, the decrease in atmospheric pressure causes a change in these indicators - water boils at a lower temperature.

thermal conductivity of water is approximately 0.58 W / (m * K).Another important factor - is its high surface tension, which is almost equal to the corresponding figure from mercury.

unique physical properties of water

As already mentioned, it provides normal water existence of the planet, affecting the climate and the vital activity of organisms.But this material is actually unique.These are the amazing properties of water provide a life.

Take, for example, the density of ice and water.In most cases, freezing the molecules of substances are placed closer to each other, their structure becomes more compact and dense.But with water, this scheme does not work.For the first time this amazing property has been described by Galileo.If

slowly lowering the temperature and monitor the freezing water, the scheme will be the first standard - the substance will become denser and more compact.Changes take place after the temperature reaches 4 ° C.The indicator of the water suddenly becomes easier.That is why it floats on the water surface, but does not sink.By the way, this feature ensures the survival of aquatic flora and fauna - water rarely freezes completely, saving the lives of their inhabitants.

By the way, when it freezes the substance expands by about 9%.This feature of water causes corrosion of natural rocks.On the other hand, which is why water pipes are broken by a sudden cold snap.

But this is not all the interesting properties of water.Another unique feature of it - is anomalously high heat capacity.For example, the amount of heat required for heating one gram of water by one degree, enough to heat up approximately 10 g 9 g of copper or iron.

entire oceans - a global thermostat, which smooths out fluctuations in temperature, both diurnal and annual.Incidentally, the same properties and endowed with water vapor contained in the atmosphere.It's no secret that the desert is characterized by sharp changes in temperature - too hot in the afternoon, and at night is very cold.This is due precisely to the dry air and the lack of the necessary amount of steam.