The concept of the market.

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development of commodity production has become a prerequisite for the emergence of market relations.So the notion of the market.This object of economic relations began to develop rapidly.Realized not only the products that are the result of labor.In the market lands, forests, and other objects created in a natural way.Let us consider in more detail the concept of the market.

This system of relations with the economic substance of which is formed as a result of the production, handling, sale of goods, money and other valuables.Market communication is fully based on the principles of sale.

markets initially appeared in places of mass sale of goods.Gradually formed at these points of the city and shopping malls.

Buyers and sellers - are subjects of the market.These may be individuals, firms, and even the state.Some of the subjects perform the functions of both seller and buyer.It has developed a chain of relationships, which is the basis for the sales contract.

as the objects of the market are the money and goods.This product may have a different shape.This production, which is the result of labor, and the factors of production (capital, labor, land, and so on. D.) The role of money carried out all possible financial resources.But the most common are the equivalent of the money itself.

traded in the market are different.There allocate markets for labor, capital and goods and services.

the labor market presented a set of vacancies and applicants for these positions.The modern concept of the market is somewhat different from the original.Today, thanks to technological progress, trade can be carried out virtually with a computer.

concept of financial market includes the turnover of capital, cash in any form.For a more effective implementation of the economic activity of any country is not developed structure of this category of market relations.The most important part of it is the foreign exchange market.It also carries out the sale of precious metals and stones.

concept currency market includes the entire scope of relations in the sphere of the market, which is associated with the treatment of foreign currency or any of the securities in the equivalent.It also includes foreign exchange investment capital.

At international level, all operations are carried out with any world currency.

Markets are divided according to the specialization.It is a form of division of labor, which depends on the scope or the manufacturing industry.

market concept emerged for several reasons.Firstly, due to the limited possibilities of man.That is, there is a lack of resources.A man can only produce a certain amount of wealth, so there is a need to purchase other kinds of commodities or exchange them for already existing products.

Another reason for the need of the market is the economic individual producers.Everyone who decides and chooses what kind of goods are produced and in what quantities.

main function, which performs the market, is to regulate the level of supply and demand, as well as the formation of the price level.

Under its influence there is the need for the introduction of new technical developments in order to reduce costs and improve product quality.

market is a source of information for the participants in this process.

In addition, he acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers who get the right to choose a partner.

a result of market selection survive only those participants who have more opportunities and prospects.

market avoids problems with the deficit of goods and services.