Say "no" boring white robe.

Until recently, most preferred practical things, not paying attention to how they look.But now, thanks to modern designers even work clothes can look pretty stylish while not losing its original qualities.

Unlike other uniforms, clothes for medical workers should possess a number of desirable properties:

  • be blood and moisture repellent;
  • have antistatic properties;
  • be easy to disinfect;
  • be comfortable and breathable.

Modernity, fortunately, gave doctors the best option when a stylish medical clothing is interwoven with the convenience and practicality.

Sewing medodezhdy - quite a new area, but now many designers are interested in this, and let the whole line of medical clothing.Everyone can see for themselves the unique things: medical gowns of different styles with many different finishes, trouser suits, special shoes, aprons.There are even special screenings, exhibitions, featuring the latest models from the world of medical fashion.

Which fabric is produced medical clothing?

The choice of material is especially important, because the person is in these clothes all day long, but because it is in any case should not cause discomfort and hamper movement.

Usually, sewing medodezhdy made of cotton gabardine, calico.Products made from cotton rather easy to care for themselves.They practically do not crumple and badly soiled, it is very easy to wash and did not lose its original shape.

gabardine cotton clothes somewhat denser, however, and to wear and easy to care it also.If cotton suit for summer workday, the gabardine generally preferred for the winter.

Finally, medodezhda of calico.From previous versions, it has a relatively low price, but the rapid deterioration - a significant drawback of this material.

What is the advantage of a new medical clothing?

in acquiring new stylish medodezhdy has its advantages, and they are relevant not only for the clinic staff, and management.

First of all, the new medodezhda - is the foundation of all institutions of style, especially if it is private.Fortunately, many companies are now engaged in production of complete lines of clothes (gowns, suits, shoes, hats, etc.), and therefore it is possible to buy all the dimensional grid for both men and women.In addition, manufacturers are engaged in, and the application of symbolism that allows you to create a unique line of clothing that will match the quality of services provided.

In addition, in a stylish medodezhde staff will feel confident at the same time doing their job more efficiently and professionally.