The radiation background

radiation background - is the radiation of radioactive origin, which is present in the world of man-made and natural sources.It should be noted that it affects human constant.It is impossible to completely avoid radiation.On Earth, life arose and developed under continuous irradiation.The radiation background consists of the following components: radiation from man-made radionuclides, ie from artificial;radiation from radionuclides that are in the air, the earth's crust and other environmental objects;Space.

irradiation is internal and external.The latter is caused by sources that are located outside of the human body (ground and space).Radionuclides that are directly in the body of the person in charge of internal exposure.The radiation background in the area is measured in exposure dose.

Due to space radiation dose in the thirty-five millirem per year gets a majority of the population of our planet.Approximately the same amount of people have sources of natural origin that are external.They are i

nternal dose is about one hundred and thirty five millirem per year on average.Therefore, the total volume of the internal and external irradiation of a person who comes from natural sources, is an average of about two hundred mrem twelve months.

Additional sources of radiation are the result of human impact on the environment that surrounds it, including natural radionuclides that are in large enough quantities are extracted from the Earth with the raw materials for building materials, fertilizers, oil, gas and coal, and sohereinafter.

Measurement of background radiation is a very important and responsible procedure.This identifies areas that are most dangerous to stay.Radiological examination of need everyone who cares about their health.When measuring the background radiation assess external gamma radiation on the ground;radiation monitoring of food raw materials and foodstuffs;control of selected samples of industrial waste;wood, metal and its products, building materials;control of drinking and industrial water.

is called ionizing radiation, which directly or indirectly can cause formation of negatively and positively charged ions (ionization of the environment).

During the period of the planet Earth has ionizing radiation released into space.Radioactive substances in the Earth's crust, as well as cosmic rays are carriers of ionizing radiation of natural origin.

sources of ionizing radiation are instruments of communication high-voltage accelerators of charged particles, artificial radioactive isotopes, nuclear reactors, X-ray units, etc.Ionizing radiation both artificial and natural, can be corpuscular and electromagnetic (photon or quantum).

All have high energy and can cause a change in biological structures of cells, which may result in their death.

radiation background accurate risk assessment has not, because the expression changes that are amenable to objective registration, small doses of ionizing radiation do not cause.Fully influence of background radiation on the human body is not found.Absolute safety can not be regarded as any amount, including the one that is generated by background radiation.However, virtually impossible to detect very small effect (risk) at low doses.