Holy Trinity Icon: implications for Orthodox

impossible to fully understand the depth of the true faith, not having joined the Holy Trinity of God.Icon "Trinity" has been established to ensure that each worshiper could vividly imagine trisolnechny light of Orthodoxy.Contemplating the great creation, believers absorb the omnipresence of the Lord, knowing the full depth of his labor.

Icon "Trinity»

meaning and symbolism of it is contained in a demonstration of unity triipostasnogo Lord.Icon complement written sources are verbal expressions of the true faith.This image - a reflection of the events described in the Scriptures.On the fiftieth day after Easter, the Holy Spirit came to the apostles in the soul, which helped them realize their own abilities.The main task - to bring his teachings to people, to save them from sin - was understood faithful disciples of Jesus.Icon "Trinity" has a scene described in the book of Genesis, known as "Abram's hospitality."But not only the relationship with the Word of God brings the world is painted message.It glorifies the Holy trinity union, the continuity of its existence.

icon "Trinity" Andrei Rublev

This is purely a product of the light hath revealed the wisdom and depth of understanding of the essence of the author of the Faith.His Angels, soaked bright sadness, the audience is the net effect of divine wisdom.Icon "Trinity" and complex, and understood for many generations of lovers.It is possible to admire the infinite, absorbing ease of Angels, the wisdom of their perception, hovering their existence.As the starry sky over the southern coast, it gives birth to new thoughts and feelings in his devotional beholder.

value for the true believer

icon "Trinity" there in the home of any Orthodox.It brings peace to the soul and unfailing confidence in the Lord's presence at any of its road.As a child needs to feel the presence of the mother, so the believer needs divine guidance and support.Any decision he makes his on the court of the Holy Trinity, silently taking advice Faces quiet.In this way for the truly devoted man of faith woven together the purpose of his presence in this world, justice and hope for the continued support of the Lord.What is lacking in your life, you can learn from the icons, praying or simply contemplating her wisdom.Knowingly accepted hang it in front of the front door.This ancient tradition helps to know that in a cruel world for the traveler, which is the one man who can always find shelter and refuge.In the physical embodiment of such is his home, and in the spiritual - faith.That is why before the icon made confession, confessing sins, ask God for forgiveness.Her sacrifice image gives hope to anyone who takes the trouble to reflect on the depth of its content.The circle, which is formed by the Angels, symbolizing the eternal nature of the divine.The audience absorbs the true nature of the symbol, to join the deep values ​​depicted on the Icon.The special spiritual joy descends on a man praying in front of the Trinity, as if the image radiates all the goodness and power of God.