The republican form of government in Russia

As a sovereign country, Russia sets its own form of government.Thus, the organization is determined by state authorities, as well as their activities.

republican form of government in the Russian Federation established by the Constitution.At the same time the main feature of such a polity is considered turnover and elected head of state.In this republican form of government different from the monarchist.At last, as you know, the President often inherit power.

From the standpoint of a purely formal, some authors believe that the form of government does not affect the characteristics of a political system.For example, the United Kingdom, as the monarchy is at the same time a constitutional and democratic state.

in Russia republican form of government provides for the rejection of any long-term ownership or independent authority, which will be based on individual rights.At the same time the state system focuses on the experience of the mind rather than to achieve the ideal goal, which usually leads to the establishment of totalitarianism.The republican form of government in Russia, and also provides for the formation of the state bodies in accordance with the coordination of interests of government with the firmness of civil liberty.Creation of controls carried out on certain (limited) period by means of free elections.

Republican form of government provides for a democratic system.At the same time, democracy (as of equal freedom for all) is the complement of said control system in the country.In turn, the country strongly supports the recovery and development of equal freedom for all, contributing to the uniform distribution of social benefits.At the same time provided equal elections, access to education, public office and others.

There are two types of the republic: presidential and parliamentary.

main political difference is the first concentration of powers and the head of government and head of state in the hands of the President.Other signs of this form of governance should include the extraparliamentary method of selecting the head of the country.At the same time apply indirect or direct elections.In addition, a presidential republic and provides for the creation of non-parliamentary methods of government.

system of higher state bodies under a parliamentary system of government based on the principle of parliamentary domination.The government bears collective responsibility in front of him.The country has a parliamentary government power until such time as there is a parliamentary majority.

Some modern country with a republican form of government also have some of the features and the presidential system.These states, in particular, to contemporary Russia.The combination of features of the two systems of governance is reflected in the presence of a strong presidential power, while maintaining the typical features of the parliamentary system.

Since the beginning of the formation of the constitutional order of Russia has sought to strengthen the features of a presidential republic.At the same time, referring to results of the presidential nature of the system of state administration retains certain external characteristics of a parliamentary country.

Today the Russian Federation is a presidential-parliamentary or (as it is called in some sources), semi-presidential form of government.President elected by popular vote.It has its own prerogatives that allow it to operate independently of the government.However, the actions of the government, which is formed by ministers, is the chairman and is responsible to some extent to Parliament.