Dates autumn conscription

Military always been in demand throughout the world.Technologies are developing very rapidly, but all the main battlefield is the soldier.After all, the most high-precision weapons are unable to operate without human intervention.Countries of the world have different armies, in some it is strictly out of contract professionals, in others, as in modern Russia, there is also an urgent service.Our Government believes that every man should be able to defend their homeland.Terms

autumn call 2014

from 1 October 2014 the beginning of autumn conscription.In Russia, new recruits take young men aged 18 to 27 years old.Order on call for military service shall be signed personally by the President of the Russian Federation.This year will be taken at the service of 154 thousand. Man responsible for this local authority.Unlike previous years, 2014 recruits waiting some innovations.Dates autumn conscription allow men who have higher education, to choose, to serve a year of compulsory military service or two years of the contract.Naturally, the contractor gets a good army wages.In addition, management has decided to increase the number of scientific mouth are engaged in military developments, from five to eight.Terms of fall draft are the same as in other appeals - 3 months.

postponement from the army

evaders in recent years by the army has become much less, because service makes boys men, and generally serve has become prestigious.But there are people who can not go to the army due to objective reasons and require postponement.This procedure is spelled out in the legislation of the Russian Federation, and some of the recruits had missed the 2014 autumn conscription.Terms of Moscow cemented in a separate law "On Military Duty and Military Service."There's also state the reasons on which the recruit may get a reprieve, and they are:

  • Men who considered temporarily unfit for service, namely for health reasons.
  • Men who are guardians of their relatives in need of constant care.
  • Men who are raising children on their own.
  • men who have two or more children.
  • Men with a family of a disabled child is not older than 3 years.
  • Men who are candidates or MPs have - for the period of office.
  • Men who have a minor child or a wife who is on the stage of pregnancy over 26 weeks.
  • civil servants.
  • Men who study at full-time in institutions, state-accredited.Deferral is only valid for the period of study.
  • Men studying in graduate school and graduate to full-time visit.Deferral is only valid for the period of study.

Today the State Duma is still thinking how to improve this list.

End autumn call 2014

prizes every year lasts only 3 months, it begins on October 1 and ends on December 31.Until that date, the army will gain a sufficient number of recruits, all of them will be sent to training centers, which are located throughout the country.Some men may be at a greater distance from their homes, and some will serve as a close, there could be as lucky recruits.Across the territory of the Russian Federation held autumn conscription in 2014, Moscow has granted to all the terms are the same, although some regions do not always have time to carry out the plan.But this year the government is expected to improve the situation.Still, the government believes that military enlistment offices coped well and had a great fall and spring call.Terms of them were sufficient to dial the desired number of recruits.

Why go into the army?

Not so long ago, many young people, especially those who, for whatever reason, did not go into the army, criticized the existence of compulsory military service: all the powerful countries of the world have only a contract service.They pay good salaries, good feed and clothe soldiers.Weapons have contracted abroad and the newest technological development.On the one hand, it is true, but the Russian Federation is spending on arms every year billions of dollars, we are available most new tanks, aircraft and military systems, and that is important - our own production.Do not think that we have something to act before other countries, rather the contrary.As our country has a huge border, all men need to undergo military training.Everyone should remember that the army - a school of life, and the skills that you give it, will never be superfluous.

Evading Army

Once the maturing of the autumn conscription, some of the men of military age who are in good health, but have no desire to serve in the army, begin to invent different ways to avoid making the agenda.Some try to escape abroad, while others fled to the countryside to stay with relatives or in other cities.Do not forget that evaders waiting responsibility, and in addition, to hide every year and twice is not so easy.When you first violation can be fined 500 rubles., The amount is not large, but checked for evasion alone will stand.In further attempts to escape and "hang" from the army offender shines a fine of 200 thousand. Rub.or imprisonment up to two years.Therefore, many believe, and that when they came to the terms of the autumn conscription, it is better to come to the military enlistment office to serve it should be, and continue to live peacefully and not to hide.

autumn call 2015

As every year, a decree signed by the president of the appeal and all the experts believe that the call will fall 2015.Terms of him, as always, will be the same as in past years.Typing in the army will be men who have reached 18 years of age and no older than 27. The dates of the autumn conscription prescribed by law - from 01.10 to 31.12.The exception will be only the following conscripts:

  1. Residents of the Far North, they will call a month later.
  2. Villagers - call will begin 15.10.
  3. teachers - they will not urge the autumn.

What will be taught in the army

Knowingly come up saying that the army - a school of life.Especially valuable lesson she teaches young and has not yet formed personalities.For example, if the army leaves a young boy of 18 years, he has come out a real man.One of the most positive qualities of a person who served a responsibility, ability to take responsibility for their words and actions.In the army, you will learn discipline, but this is simply irreplaceable in everyday life.Besides all this, the main function of the Army - a military training.Wherever you were, you definitely will learn to defend their homeland.Many remain after military service on a contract, because today the salary of the military is good, there is a program to provide housing.Therefore, we can say for sure that the Army gives soldiers more, regardless of whether he will remain in it or not.

What awaits the Russian army in 2015

In 2015, the Russian Federation intends to continue the modernization of the army and increase its defenses.Government was formed by the state defense order for this year, and it must perform.In 2015, the troops have to put 701 armored car, 126 new aircraft, 88 helicopters, warships 5, 2 teams with missile complexes "Iskander-M" and 1545 units of multi-purpose vehicles.All this indicates only one thing: the army is developing and growing.

serve in the army of the Russian Federation should be every man, except for those who really can not.Today it is a prestigious and highly paid job, soldier appreciates the leadership, the state provides housing and good living conditions.Newcomers need not worry that it will be too hard, you know one thing that you will pass the school, without which life would be very difficult.