Katana Japanese sword - the most perfect in the world of bladed weapons

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probably anywhere in the world so do not revere weapons in Japan.In the country of the Rising Sun Blade - is a jewel and a family heirloom.Japanese sword - it is a philosophy, art.There are many varieties of this national weapons, among them are the Katana - "long sword".Although it is the Japanese name so any Japanese sword.

If you describe a Japanese katana sword, the appearance it resembles a sword.The difference lies only in the shape of a handle and a method of use.Handle him, unlike the saber, not curved, and it requires a two-handed grip.Basically, these weapons were in his belt with the wakizashi.Total length of the sword - 1000-1100 mm.In everyday life, he came to the XVI century.

Perfect edged weapons - Japanese sword

Collectors considered the most perfect samurai sword weapon in the world.For them to ride - reified philosophy reflection of the world, frozen in the metal.For the manufacture of this sword was used particularly iron ore alloy of tungsten and molybdenum.To remove the weaknesses of the metal rods of 8 years buried in the swamp, and only after this period the metal was sent to the forge for further processing.During this period, the rust ate weaknesses.

Japanese sword - the manufacturing process

Production katana blade is often compared with the process of the preparation of puff pastry.Rods first flattened into a thin foil hammer.As a result, a multilayer stack, which again flattened.This procedure was repeated once again.It is in this way managed to get multiple layers of a katana blade admired modern experts knives.Quenched steel blade in the liquid clay.After quenching the blade formed along a straight line or bent (jamon), which features a real Japanese sword against counterfeiting.

then polished blade nine circles of different grits.Blade master treated manually fingertips using charcoal as an abrasive.The famous master of the sword on the shank left his mark or name.Such weapons are extremely valuable, as a rule, it passed by inheritance and celebrated as a separate item in the will.It is not known how much is the katana, but often much more than all the property of the Samurai.

Value Japanese blade

Sword katana and wakizashi made in pairs, valued more than a Japanese sword.Of course, if we are not talking about the old and unique katana, the value of which can be up to a million dollars.Wakizashi - a small sword for ritual suicide.The real samurai must be a katana and wakizashi.

authentic Japanese katana has a number of unique characteristics.For example, the number of metal layers may be up to 50 000, and some are made vintage swords and 200 thousand layers.Katana Sword - self-sharpening weapons, thanks to the orderly movement of molecules in the metal.So you can hang on the wall with a dull blade of a sword and in time to take a completely sharp as a razor blade.