Herbaceous plants valerian family - health benefits

herb of the family valerian include more than thirteen genera, which include more than four items.They are mostly found in temperate areas.By valerian family include perennial and annual grasses also sometimes be found among these plants shrubs or shrubs with intact or be dissected leaves.This family also includes kentrantus, scabiosa, echinocystis, Valeriana officinalis, valerianella, patrinia and others.

Almost all of these herbs are medicinal and used in medicine.Patrinia - the medicinal herb valerian family.List of all other members of this family is extensive, but they are not so popular and widespread.Herbs related to valerian, grows up to 70 cm, but some species sometimes reaching two meters.Patrinia - is a rare plant that usually grows on the mountain slopes.It can be found in southern Siberia, in the Altai Territory, in Central Asia and elsewhere.The biggest impact of this plant has on the nervous system, because it has a calming effect.Because of this many people use it instead of valerian.H

owever patrinia several times stronger valerian, even in small amounts, it will still be concentrated as compared with other herbs that possess also sedative effect.Herbaceous plants valerian family function effectively when symptoms such as dyspnea, headache, insomnia, etc.In addition, patrinia find a universal solution for the treatment of many diseases.For this purpose, and the leaves and stem, and even the root of this amazing plant.Most often patrinia make different infusions.However, this medical plants, as in others, there is a contraindication.It is in any case not be used for people who suffer from low blood pressure, because it can significantly lower blood pressure, as well as those who have thrombosis, as it increases blood clotting.There are the most popular herb valerian family.Its name - valerian.It grows in many areas, but its medicinal properties are much lower than patrinia.

The root system of these plants has several peculiar odor, which essential oil of valerian.Herbaceous plants valerian family are greenish-yellow stems, usually from one to thirty.However, there were occasions when they numbered more.These stems are covered with short hairs near the base and dressed in the remains of dead leaves.Flowers schitkovovidno-paniculate inflorescences have a cup, fused with the ovary.Corolla yellow, bell-shaped, almost right, and five-blade on one side like a little baggy.It has four stamens.The leaves of the plant opposite.Himself flower bracts at the base is equipped with an oval shape, which grows Pterygopalatine during fruiting.Fruit patrinia - is achene, which is slightly covered with hairs on the edges.The length of the fruit of this plant is about 4 mm, and weighs about a thousand achenes approximately 5 In those places where the family of herbaceous plants valerian grow well, they are used even in the food, adding to salads and fresh leaves.In principle, one can say that there patrinia instead of parsley, because it so much vitamin, it helps to strengthen overall health.