Gems: Emerald

For centuries, people paid special attention to minerals.And not for nothing, after all raise the spirits, improve health, protection from evil forces - all this can make a properly fitted stones.Emerald is a form of beryl, is a very valuable gem, some copies of which are more valuable topaz, diamonds and diamonds.In the old days it was called in Russia, emerald, like the name occurs in Greek - "smaragdos", but the current name likely is of Middle Eastern origin.The Turks called the mineral "Zumrud" and Arabs and Persians - "zumurrud."

very difficult to find an absolutely perfect, without obvious defects stones.Emerald in most cases has a slight admixture of pyrite, chromite, calcite or molybdenite, cracks also reduce its value.Perfect gems are usually no more than 5 carats.

According to ancient Egyptian papyrus, it has been over 6 thousand years this stone known to mankind, and perhaps it was used before.Every nation in many ways relates to the mineral, but everywhere he attributed positive qualities.

Jewel emerald is mentioned in the Scriptures, as he is one of 12 semi-precious stones, which were on the chasuble Aaron the High Priest.I read mineral in Babylon and ancient Egypt.Queen Cleopatra had its own mines in what is now the Eastern Desert, where slaves mined jewels.Beauty was in the habit of true bestow her nobles gems engraved with his picture on them.

There is also a legend according to which for the production of the sacred Holy Grail used these gems.Emerald was allegedly on the crown of Lucifer when he was expelled from heaven fallen angel fell and split decoration.A fragment of the mineral got to the Queen of Sheba, and she, in turn, gave it to Solomon.After some time, it was made of emerald cup from which Jesus drank Christ, then it collected his blood.This mythical jewel looking knights of King Arthur, the Crusaders and the representatives of the Third Reich.

always with wisdom, happiness, luck, fidelity and purity of the stones associated.Emerald particularly revered in the East, its green color compared to the life, because all the flags of Muslim countries have this shade.Turks, Arabs, Persians firmly believe that mineral brings its owner courage, faith and the ability to anticipate.Slavic peoples identify emerald with wisdom, hope and equanimity.As an amulet against demons and evil forces used the emerald set in gold.

stone jewelry photos which evoke admiration, mineral worthy of the royal crown - it is often worn by the monarchs.It is believed that an emerald attracts its owner joy and gladness, so it protects the people of creative professions, calling muse.Jewellery with it can often be seen on the artists, musicians, writers.According to some, this beautiful gem worn by Byron, Dante and Petrarch.