Why Friday the 13th is considered to be a bad day.

According to a recent study, nearly a quarter of Europe's population are wary of the number 13. If this number falls on Friday, the number of negative people increases almost twice.In the United States, figures are even higher: one in three Americans believe in the magical power of this date.But you must admit, most Russians rather wary of this fact when the 13th number falls exactly on Friday.

«black» Friday from a psychological point of view

Psychologists around the world have their own explanation of why Friday the 13th is considered to be a bad day.They assure that it is not in a certain magic number these days, or, the case in the minds of the people themselves.Most of those who believe in his negative energy, which was originally set up on your anxiety and concern for the whole day, people subconsciously expect trouble and, as a consequence, only the negative and overlook, finding every little acknowledgment own fears.

history fateful date

There are many theories as to why Friday the 13th is considered to be a bad day.Briefly we can say this: most of them have their roots in pagan and Christian antiquity, making this date a shade devilry.

Thus, according to one of the beliefs, on this day 12 staged a coven of witches, the thirteenth member of which is Satan himself.And interpreters of biblical Scripture believe that it is in the "Black Friday" Eva has treated her husband Adam the forbidden fruit in the depths of paradise Kusch.There is also a version that the world's first fratricide, when Cain killed Abel, according to the Scriptures, as happened in this Friday.Scandinavian mythology in its own treats this day - Friday, 13. Why is it a bad day, they explain from the point of view of the ancient legend: in ancient times, in the palace of the god Odin and the rest of the world lived the 12 Apostles, it was after the appearance of the thirteenth assistant began a feud between allresidents as a result of a quarrel killed all worshiped the god Balder.

dangerous superstition

Superstitious people get not only among believers or mystically inclined personalities.Beginning in 1791, for example, the UK authorities have been active in the fight against this superstition among seamen.He explains their fears, why Friday the 13th is considered to be a bad day, one in general, for those times an ordinary case.The fact that one of the Fridays with the number of the ill-fated ship called "Friday" has quit to float freely, and more of it no one ever saw.Coincidence or not, but also started the construction of the ship on Friday.Number of superstitions concerning this day of the week the sailors after this case has increased significantly.

Among those who believe in negative energy on Friday, the thirteenth, and had many famous names.Napoleon Bonaparte, for example, abolished the battle, if they come on Friday, the thirteenth of.Bismarck refused to this day to put his signature to any, even the most insignificant documents.Some US presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover also tried not to make important decisions on this tragic day.

Friday, the 13th, the diagnosis

Psychiatry has an opinion as to what is so afraid of the people Friday, 13. Why is it a bad day for many, explains one of the leading psychologists: people who believein such superstition, really a lot of trouble going on that day.And if purposefully in the morning to adjust itself to failure, then they are sure to happen.In psychiatry, the panicky fear that date, is regarded as a diagnosis and a specific name: "paraskevidekatriafobiya."

Therefore, before succumb to the general nervousness, ask yourself the question: Why Friday the 13th is considered to be a bad day?Is it not our own imagination, which is better not to take into account?If you get rid of bad thoughts does not work, psychologists advise myself a little help.For believers, it would be nice to visit the church, light a candle for loved ones, pray and calm.Atheists may be advisable to adjust itself to the most skeptical mood.Better yet, try to do this Friday "fun."Read jokes, watch a comedy, communicate with friends - and you'll see that this Friday will take place no worse than all the other days.

thirteen - lucky number

Why Friday the 13th is considered to be a bad day, do not understand, for example, the Jews, who is considered to be quite respectable.That is the number thirteen, according to Jewish belief, the Messiah came down to earth.Even Israel itself is divided into thirteen parts, Kabbalah has 13 springs, streams balm thirteen, thirteen gates.

Mayans also honored a number that they considered it a symbol of the favor of the gods.So why Friday the 13th is considered to be a bad day?Photos and videos from different sources, a variety of horror stories and fictional stories, even the modern cinema - all successfully cultivates and maintains the myth of the terrible destiny that date.The Council can there be one: do not succumb to the general panic and empower this day inherent meaning.Believe only in the good omens, then life will thank you positive!