How to plant wheat "maynkraft" and that it needs to

In "maynkraft" there are many kinds of food that you can find ready-made, and cook, and most importantly, to grow.Anyone can try yourself as a farmer, because the cultivation of food is the most efficient, optimal and reliable way to ensure that food reserves.Of course, this does not mean that you need to pass the apples or any other edible objects, but you will always know that the house you have enough food.However, it is best to grow?In "maynkraft" There are different kinds of seeds, which deliver excellent yields, but the base of all farmers is wheat.That it is better to start with their farming activities, especially if you want to switch and then also on animal husbandry, then you need a lot of wheat for animal feed.So, it's time to learn how to plant wheat "maynkraft."

Searches seeds

Of course, nobody will provide ready seeds, so you have to look for them yourself.It's not the most difficult task, so deal with it, you can pretty quickly.The main thing - to know where exactly to look.You do not need a permanent place of wheat seed, as you will be able to get them out of their crop, so this step around the question of how to plant wheat "maynkraft", takes relatively little time.You just have to walk through the grassy meadows in the grass and look for the seeds that will be visible to the naked eye.It is better to collect them as much as possible, because the more seeds, the richer harvest.When you have enough seeds, you can proceed to the next step.How to plant wheat "maynkraft" without tools?It is absolutely impossible, so you need to do craft.

Tools Required

Of course, there is a high probability that by the time you decide to grow wheat, you will already have all the necessary tools.Therefore it is necessary first of all indicate what is needed to solve the problem, how to plant wheat "maynkraft."So, you'll need a shovel, a hoe and a bucket.If we talk about resources, the amount you will need a total of four poles and six metal bars that crafted all three subjects.If they have been there, then you do not have to worry about - you can go directly to the preparation of fertile soil.It is time to answer the main question of beginning farmers in the game "Maynkraft": "How to plant the seeds of wheat?"

Soil preparation and planting

The first thing you need to do - is to find a fairly large plot of flat land.It is necessary that at length it was ten or fifteen blocks, and wide - depending on how big you are planning field.To learn how to "maynkraft" grow wheat, you must first put it, so dig out with a spade in the long strip of blocks 10-15, and then fill it with water from a bucket.Irrigation system is ready, now time to cultivate the land using a hoe around your moat.So in the end will look like your wheat field in the game "Maynkraft."Seeds of wheat you have to throw directly into the cultivated land - that's all you have to do.


Shortly after sowing wheat begins to grow, and then finally ripe.Then you will need to gather the harvest, to be able to use the results of your work.With one unit of wheat once you get two kinds of resources.Primarily this directly itself wheat, which can give an animal in a furnace or converted into bread.But in addition to her you get new seeds that can be sown immediately in your field.Each unit of wheat gives you one to two units of wheat and one to three units of the seed, which is very advantageous, since you will be able to constantly expand his field, if you have such a desire.

Important features of wheat

This is only a basic knowledge, which may not be enough to raise a full crop of wheat.For example, you may encounter the same problem: you plant the seeds of wheat into the ground, come the morning, and again they lie on the ground.The problem here lies in the fact that wheat is required for the growth of light, and at night it is not, therefore, cease to grow seeds.We solve this problem is very simple - you just need to set a specific number of torches across the field to address all the blocks, and then the wheat is quietly mature.There is also the problem that shoots very easily destroyed.Try to walk on a plowed field a couple of times, and you will notice that it has become a common ground.And if you do not walk in your field, it may well do other animals and mobs.So mandatory attribute fields of wheat - it is a solid fence around the perimeter.And a little tip that will allow you to grow wheat immediately - you can fertilize the seeds planted bone meal derived from the bones of skeletons - and wheat ripen at the same time.