The essence of marketing and its role in the modern market relations

result of any activity is the marketing and sale of goods and services for profit.Every society is based on the production of material goods with the use of available resources and their distribution.The essence of marketing is precisely the rational distribution of goods and services, the search for new distribution channels and learning behaviors of customers.

Marketing can be a certain concept or a particular pattern of behavior, that is the way of its application in practice.

There are several concepts of this science.Every scientist in the field of economy and gives his assessment of his own role defines marketing.If we generalize these values, we can say that it is a set of methods, techniques and institutions operate them, to bring the proposal to a specific consumer who needs them.

essence of marketing is to take all kinds of work, aimed at the promotion of goods or services to the buyer.Available values ​​(goods and services) is to contribute to this process.And the satisfaction of the desires of the consumer is considered to be the end result.

marketing objectives are the following:

1. A thorough study of the needs and desires of potential consumers.

2. Orientation of goods and services to the needs of customers.

3. Carrying out promotions in order to bring information about the goods and services to the consumer.Here, special attention is paid to ensure that interest and force to make the purchase.

4. Delivery of goods to the places with the greatest demand at a time when it is needed.The number of goods or services and their price should also meet the needs of consumers.

essence of marketing is in the implementation and planning, budget control and performance.

By its main principles are:

1. The study of market needs, the demand before making production decisions.

2. Perform the necessary requirements that will meet modern demands and market situation.Production should focus on the needs of the consumer and be able to be reconstructed in the light of new factors.

3. Effect on the choice of the buyer, and the whole market by means of special funds.It plays an important role as a means of advertising impact on consumers.

essence of marketing has changed, depending on the period of development of production processes and market relations.There are several stages.

Initially activities were based on the development of commercial orientation.That is, the improved quality of goods and services without regard to the demand and needs.

Then, manufacturers began to focus on sales of products through advertising, long-term planning and other methods.This sales orientation.

followed by a market concept which is associated with an increase in the quality of goods and services in high demand.

Finally, recent decades have seen the flowering of marketing orientation, which involves the use of all the techniques required to influence the consumer in order to increase demand.

following types of modern marketing:

Social marketing has been studying the political and social factors that affect demand.

consumerism focused more on consumer protection.

Biheyvorizm builds on a psychological model of behavior of the buyer.

Strategic Marketing is one of the most popular destinations.This takes into account all the factors affecting demand.These include not only symptoms, but also internal resources and capabilities of the firm.

Each of these aims to study the demand and desire of consumers.