Evening Prayer - for beginners great spiritual support

When a person begins to believe in God and comes into the church, he discovers there are many rules, which are well known and familiar to believers and unchurched people do not understand completely.First, such a mass of rules seems unnecessary rituals, and only after a person realizes that the way the church puts a spiritual barrier between sin and man.

man never stands still.Either he goes up or down steadily slipping in his spiritual condition.It is in order to maintain a person each day, the Church has established some rules of prayer.This, for example, morning prayer, prayer before meals or evening prayer.For beginners, this all seems far-fetched and unnecessary.But in fact, only a regular reminder of God sometimes allows to resist the conviction, malice, lies and petty theft, that is, from the many sins that can be filled every day.

Morning Prayer - is gratitude to God for life and for revival.Starting the day with a prayer, a man once adjusted to the way of grace and good works.He asks God's blessing for the upcoming activities.

Ends Day evening prayer.For starters, any rule of prayer can be reduced.For example, the usual evening usually begins with a prayer "Heavenly King".Then comes a short invocation to God, known as the "Trisagion", then - "Holy Trinity" and "Our Father".This is the normal beginning of the prayer, so begins almost every Prayer.Sami evening prayers composed by well-known church fathers and include repentance, pleading and thanksgiving proclamations.

How much time it takes for the evening prayer?For starters, the rule of prayer is usually cut.It all depends on the age and health of the person.For example, children are sometimes only read one prayer at night, the elderly also cut prayers.But in fact, not much time consuming evening prayer.Text in the unhurried utterance takes about fifteen minutes, still have to add bows, reading pomyannik.In general, the usual diligent leisurely evening parishioner prays about half an hour.

It's quite a bit, so it is clear that the prayer of the evening - for beginners quite feasible burden.

Orthodox visit the temple twice a week and on holidays.To some this seems too burdensome.You should not force yourself and just try to stand for the whole service from the beginning to the end.Of course, all is incomprehensible and strange, make it extremely difficult.Church Slavonic - the additional complexity.It is similar to Russian, but many of the words are unclear or otherwise transferred.Some evening prayers in Russian, trying to find a translation service.That's right: a prayer - a conversation with God, it must be clear to the worshipers.But then, when it's all cleared up gradually, should go to a regular church language.

evening prayer - a small step for beginners, the first step on the way churched and finding true joy of God.The move, which is not so difficult to pass.