Orthodox morning prayers: the key to successful day

For the experienced believer to pray in the morning is just as important, how to carry out all hygiene procedures.Of course, the desire to sleep the extra twenty minutes of hard to overcome.But Orthodox Christians know that the day will be successful if they find time to communicate with God.One has only to sleep - and the day will go upside down, not as we would like.What are the Orthodox morning prayers?

Better aloud

It is a complex verbal appeals to the Lord, that you want to read every morning completely.In general, they take about 15 minutes if you read most, muttering.If you pray to yourself, it will take about 10 minutes, but the best is still to pronounce words, even in a whisper.It is easier to focus, and increases the likelihood that you will remember spoken.Initially Orthodox morning prayers are read from the collection.But over time, they are remembered.You will start a spy sometimes book.And then all will not have need of prayers for the usual morning turning to God.

How to learn

Some Christians consciously spend some time and make efforts to learn the texts of the prayers by heart.But this is not necessary.Although, for example, when entering the seminary may ask Orthodox morning prayers without a prayer book.If you do decide to learn them, it is very suitable program of training offered by cards.You write one sentence on one side of the card, and its sequel - on the other.So you can pretty quickly learn the Orthodox morning prayers, if there is such a need.

Start a conversation with the Lord

At the beginning of the complex need to read a little prayer.After the first need to shut up and focus.At this point, the Christian presents himself before the Creator immediately forthcoming.Therefore, no need to rush and try to move quickly to the next prayer.Wait for the senses will not rest.Then pronounce the publican petition to God.It reminds us of their own sinfulness and imperfection.Then read the prayer called Proemial.His well at all to say any thing before.But if you know what to pray before the bad thing is ashamed, it's a sign that from such activities is better to refuse.This is a good moral barometer.

Appeal to the King

Prayer to the Holy Spirit - one of the most poetic and beautiful.It comforts those who have to suffer for the truth, and give an inspired feeling.For her to be the Trisagion, other small prayer, and then the penitential Psalm of David, and then read the Creed and the believer recites ten numbered petitions.Orthodox Prayer morning prayers offers complete requests for the living and the dead, for the welfare of their country.Then pronounce praise the Queen of Heaven.And this Orthodox morning prayers end.

sure to come to the habit of daily communion with God.It is an amazing structure the day, and your affairs will of God will go well, even if the way you planned.So, if you take the time to pray, you will find the time and on the other their plans.Tested by generations of believers.