What is the curb for the beds to choose?

Any flower arrangement on the site is able to complete a neat border for flower beds, otherwise it will create a sense that something is missing.Border not only helps define the boundaries, but also to protect against weeds and dehydration.If a small border around the beautiful plants will have a clear edge, you can achieve amazing aesthetic effect.Borders for flowerbeds are not relevant if the flower garden perfectly blends with the surrounding landscape in the natural garden.However, in this case, you can create a barrier-type trench by digging a shallow ditch along the edge.

Very good border for a bed in a mosaic of colored bottles, shards of ceramic tiles and dishes.Also, as a useful material may be stones of various colors.When the device of this border fence coated with cement mortar to which the elements are stacked in any order.After completion of the work there is no doubt unique shaped rims, as to recreate the exact same figure is almost impossible.Therefore, this option can be considered as the most creative in terms of originality, it can not be said about many other ways.

magnificent colorful frame can come from natural stone, which surpasses the beauty of modern plastic border for flowerbeds.When you create commonly used limestone, granite, coquina, sandstone or marble.Grout is used depending on the circumstances and desires of the owner.If you want to achieve reliability and durability, it is best to lay the stones using the binder composition.To do this around the flower garden turf removed so as to form the boundary of the desired width.Thereafter, the resulting solution was poured into the groove, and on it are laid the stones.

achieve maximum effect in terms of aesthetics will help to curb wicker beds, which always blow a homey feel.To produce such a structure will need wooden sticks and a lot of wicker.Thin-Ground churbachki around a flower bed with a pitch equal to the length of the twigs.Between them is added a number of sticks at the same distance.The rods are passed between the tiny racks from different sides, which resembles a wicker basket.The ends can be fixed with small nails, nailed to the slats.

will look very fresh live border for flower beds, made of low-growing ornamental plants.Experts recommend not to make the height of the barrier more than thirty centimeters.Plants should be placed tightly and compactly on the border of flower beds, creating a contrast in form and color.In addition, they must be hardy and unpretentious, while maintaining an attractive appearance for a long time.Typically, the use of such plant cloves, lavender, sage, lungwort sugar, bellflower and some other items.