What about the children's comedy is worth seeing?

is hardly a man who would not want to go back to childhood, to run happily in the yard, play hide and seek, and just enjoy the most pleasant times in life.However, we all get older, some problems are replaced by others, and the nostalgia remains.That is why so often want to see a comedy about young children or are already adults.It does not matter, the main thing - to once again plunge into childhood.We invite you to see the procedures below comedy about children, and we recommend to do it as a family and a good laugh.

should start, perhaps, with those films that have become classics.For example, why not give in to the charm of a mischievous little girl from the comedy "Curly Sue"?Funny story masterfully designed.There is a place, and fraud, and of love, and naivete, and humor.

If we talk about what a comedy about children should definitely see it is impossible to ignore a good relaxing the film "Baby's Day Out."The plot tells of how a nice little kid cheating on two professional thieves.It's easy and original humor, so laugh at the adventures of a little boy will be able to both children and adults.Another reel of film that many will not be able to remember without laughter is the "leader of the Redskins."That's really really a classic of the genre, tells us about the abduction of children.Two villain stole the boy with the hope to obtain a ransom, but they could not imagine that will be up to them this tomboy!

should also be sure to mention that a comedy about children who are likely to see, not all, but we strongly recommend that you do it to set the mood!Start with the movie "Parental chaos" through the story of three children whose parents have to trip and they decide to leave the brats on grandparents.Rigorous methods of education are faced with the manners of children of the 21st century, resulting in a quiet life of older people ends.However, all this is accompanied by a fun, easy humor, so you will not be bored when watching.

Next comedy that will lift your spirits - is "The Nanny."Russian cinema lovers will be delighted by this film.How could I not laugh at Dima and Masha, who are very lazy, and even forced to take care of three kids, being in a foreign country!How will it all end?

If you like comedy about the children, you see a picture of "The Little robbers".The father of a small boy, a robber and a model girl loses her job.For the family gets tough: there is no money to pay the loan there is nothing, they are forced to move into the village.To which the boy is able to help the family?Did he develop a plan for the bank robbery?Look - and you will not regret!

In this article, we pointed out just some comedy about children.The list goes on to infinity, because such films are popular among people of all ages.If you are ahead of the weekend, and there are no plans, then wrapped in a blanket, brew tea, enjoy great movies!Go back to your childhood mind, smile - and good humor you provided!