Who is he - the smartest man in the world?

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talking about something or someone in the superlative degree, must take into account many factors.For example, about whom we can say that he is the most intelligent person in the world?The highest possible measure of the heaviest - weigh.How to determine the extent of the mind?Many guided indicator IQ.

The smartest people in the world

  • Terence Tao, who has the IQ of 230 points, with different childhood intelligence and a sharp mind.For example, while the rest of the two-year children could only boast of success in the art of talking and walking, Tao easily do arithmetic.Perhaps it was he - the smartest man in the world, because at the age of nine years he studied mathematics at university program!Terence Tao became the youngest professor in the world, and then began working at a university in California.In addition, he managed to write and publish more than 250 works: both science and research.
  • Marilyn Vos Savant - one of the smartest women in the world.228 - this is an indicator of its IQ.The most amazing thing is that this value has been fixed at a time when she was only ten years old.Of course, this result is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.She lives in Missouri and is married to Robert Jarvik - biologist.He is certainly not the smartest man in the world, though not of the stupid: his IQ - 180 points.Scientists have long known that the intelligence about 50% inherited.So, is the son of Marilyn IQ equal to 164 points.Not as impressive as the mother, but much higher than the average.
  • IQ Christopher Hirata - as many as 225 points.Even at fourteen, he could easily do with the California Institute of Technology.Two years later, he showed significant progress in the study of NASA projects associated with the colonization of Mars.Important is the fact that Christopher at age 22 became a doctor of philosophy in astrophysical sciences.
  • Kim Ung-Yong - young genius originally from Korea, having IQ 210 points, and for this reason has got to Guinness World Records.And not just this: at the age of two years, he knew two languages!

However, many believe that the evaluation of the human mind on IQ - wrong tactics.Perhaps the title of this intellectual deserve someone who makes a revolutionary discovery in the field of science?Or the one who solved the problem, haunted great minds all over the world for over a century?If so, then perhaps the smartest man in the world - this is our compatriot Grigori Perelman.

Poincaré conjecture have tried to solve many, but was only able to do this Perelman, available on the Web in 2003 materials, is the right solution.However, interesting is not the fact, though he, too, zastuzhivaet attention.Absolutely all the scientists struck by the fact that abandoned the well-deserved reward - a million dollars (the money allocated Clay Institute of Mathematics).And despite the fact that Perelman lives in an apartment in which, according to the neighbors, in addition to tables, chairs, mattresses and old crowds cockroaches nothing more.But what to do, they are - the most intelligent people!