Truth or superstition: Why not take pictures of a sleeping man?

photography, amazing inventions of the 19th century, is firmly established in our lives.Many of us are happy to pose in front of the lens, taking large, seductive or rock pose, picking up flowers or pets, soft toys.Others try to "click" on the background of some attractions, exotic items, expensive cars, etc.But most of all we like to capture kids, their immediate and deceitful muzzles.

Photographic taboo

, however, is not so simple with the photographs as it seems.No wonder many religions had imposed a strict ban on any image of man - on canvas, in a plaster or stone.It was believed that not only copies the external data model, but itself and takes part of the human soul.Such views were in the distant past, however, not everything here is empty superstition.For example, so far it is not clear why it is impossible to photograph a sleeping man.Let's try to sort out this issue.

esoteric subtleties

Experienced healers, astrologers, fortune tellers, psychics, do their job professionally, can tell a lot about a person when he saw his photo.Of course, we the people, do have certain abilities, not charlatans and prohindeev.Photography, as a replica of a person reflects his aura shows the energy.Because on a picture and determine whether the person is alive, as well, is there a spell on him or even any damage.The inner essence of the personality, its mentality as "Hollow print" in the image, as well as external data.So why not take pictures of a sleeping man?According to the esoteric, so can damage the aura, the energy field, select the part of the life force.When awake we control their emotions, facial expressions, we can put on the face mask of any (of course, in a figurative sense) in a dream to control himself to such an extent few people can.Resting in this regard is completely defenseless.That's why you can not take pictures of a sleeping man.After all, if a strong shot to Sage, he easily through paper, the method to do any nasty to those who are captured.And one more nuance.Magee, and not only they, but many scientists believe that while people sleep, their souls often leave the body and travel to other worlds, remembering his past.Because often we dream some places, people or situations in real life what never was.It divides the soul with the body of their experience, knowledge, information on their other lives.If at such a moment to take a picture, the soul for some reason can not return to its sheath.Hence it is clear why it is impossible to photograph a sleeping man.Chances are good that it will turn into zombies.By the way, many black magicians exactly make themselves servants, depriving the victim will, mind, emotions, spiritual essence.

A few words about

Naturally, nothing prevents us to dress up and have a photo shoot.But first is to consider how to take pictures of yourself to get a true masterpiece.Makeup is better to make a natural, but brighter, that the person in the picture looks lively and expressive.Especially should emphasize the eyes, try to smile sincerely.Such details make pictures vibrant, memorable.Clothes, her coloring should also pick up the tone to look tasteful.You can figure out how best to take pictures - sitting or standing on a neutral background or near something.Entourage does not have to detract from the model, and integrate harmoniously into the plot and atmosphere of the image.

The main thing - do not give your photos unfamiliar people, do not leave them at enemies, then to avoid problems!