Promo package - an element of branding

significant part of any company is its own promotion, win the trust of the target audience.It is carried out through advertising, corporate identity (official letterheads, promotional packaging, the form of employees), communications and public affairs.

Many people do not pay enough attention to the package, thinking that the quality of the product speaks for itself.But the truth is that it is a consumer association brought success and recognition.You must strive to achieve in order to product and brand are closely intertwined in people's minds.This can be seen in the company of Pampers, which virtually eliminated the use of the word "diapers" and Xerox, whose copiers occupied the market share of such equipment is 80%.

First Steps

course, not only unprofitable, but also inappropriate to use different packaging for their own uniform product.So before you will be ready to promotional packaging, you must define the corporate identity and image of the company.They will shape the subsequent appearance and design of the goods on the shelf.

brand should be easily recognizable and has high memorability.To develop a suitable corporate identity, create a focus group, which includes representatives of different target audiences.Then they are given examples of different layouts and design or packaging, carried out market research on their perception.

Influence of packaging on the final cost of production

Printing cardboard packaging can significantly affect the cost of production in the case where the low volume of orders.On the other hand, the benefits of the original allocation of goods among the plurality of uniform, repeatedly covers all costs.High-quality promotional packaging in the eyes of the consumer is the justification for higher prices.It is for this reason that today we can hear about brand value, which is separate from the product itself.

Souvenirs and gifts

Corporate gifts are an integral part of the existence of any self-respecting company.In order to make a lasting impression on consumers, create unique packaging for gifts.Wholesale order it will be less expensive, but it copies the piece may exceed the value of the contents.

Thus, the promotional package is now one with the kinds of competition and self-promotion.Many companies are engaged in a thorough presentation of the unique design of its own goods.Some focus on comfort and practicality, others - on the prestige, and others - for originality and intricacy.In the design of the package leave a lot of money.The first impression of the product and the company is very important, so much attention is paid to how people see the goods, whether it will cause their interest and desire to make a purchase.Therefore, we can safely say that the packaging is an important element of branding.