The most common types of salmon

red fish called gourmet fish species from sturgeon family, in everyday speech its name is used most often to the salmon.Under this classification fall salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, salmon, trout and so on. D. It should be noted that the title is mistaken and does not necessarily imply that the fish meat should be red.Worldwide above sea and river inhabitants perceive as traditionally Russian product, and therefore the name of it appeared in Russia.In the old days it was called the red all the good quality and expensive, and such a product could afford only the rich people.

Forms red fish, common in the Russian market - it is salmon, trout, salmon, chum and pink salmon.Some of them are grown in artificial conditions, so their meat is not as nutritious as that of individuals caught in the wild.Yet vitamins and minerals they contain.Absolutely all kinds of red fish have a unique biochemical composition, which is able to rejuvenate the human body, have a positive effect on health.Omega fats are present in this product, can work wonders, so this delicacy is recommended at least 3 times a week there is a safe for pregnant gestation and pupils for normal development.

So, what is the most common red fish?Species most salmon are found in the waters of Russian rivers, lakes and seas.Salmon is considered a fairly common that up to the middle of the XIX century was divided into two different types, for the simple reason that the young and the adults were significantly different appearance.The fry are born in the rapids of clean rivers and remain there for several years before moving to the sea, where are predatory lifestyle and rapidly gaining weight.

breeding salmon in most Norwegians succeeded, aided by the nature of this country.The fjords tides twice a day bring clean water, and there are no storms ever.Therefore in Norway along the coast set cages in which fish are grown red.Forms, photos of sea and river inhabitants give an idea of ​​how they look.Fish red color has a different meat to that affect habitat.For example, salmon, Atlantic salmon is also called, is common in the western Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic, although the area of ​​its habitat is very wide.In Russia it is found in the Murmansk region, in the rivers flowing into the Baltic Sea.

Some species of salmon are quite affordable for the average citizen.These include salmon, grown in artificial conditions.It is the smallest of all the salmon, but nevertheless very useful and tasty.Pink salmon is found only in cold waters, prefers a temperature of from 5 to 14 ° C.If the reservoir is heated to 25 ° C, it dies.

There are widespread all over the world kinds of salmon, these include chum salmon and trout.The first spawn only once in his life, dying afterwards.Trout is known for being able to live in both salt and fresh water in.Absolutely all kinds of red fish are useful to the body, so you should as often as possible to include them meat in your diet.