Medicinal plants - prickly thistle

Thistle thorns ... Do you know how it looks fairly common plant in our band?Of course, in the distant past are the days when people from childhood learned to cook the broth and treated with the funds so generously offered by Mother Nature, but, nevertheless, and we know about the healing effects of some of them will not be superfluous.

Thistle scratchy.General characteristics

herbaceous biennial plant prickly thistle ordinary belongs to the family Asteraceae, reaches a height of two meters.Note the extremely bitter taste of the plant.His prickly toothed leaves are oblong.Closer to the root of the growing narrowed into petiole pinnatilobate leaves, blades of which are arranged symmetrically with respect to the main vein.Mauve flower baskets are on the tops of the stems, the width of the largest of which can reach five centimeters.Blossoms in September, the fruits of his twice of the achenes.

inhabits grass prickly thistle on the territory of Russia, in places with a fairly warm and mild climate.It grows mainly along the sandy slopes, on vacant lots, roadsides or near the dwellings.Grass thistle known medicinal properties, it is necessary to collect at the beginning of flowering.Medications based on it is allowed to take a long time without fear of complications.Small doses of the drug are exciting the nervous system, and more - are oppressed.

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Thistle scratchy.Distinguishing features.Methods of harvesting spiny Thistle (photos are presented in the article) is often confused with the thistle, although they are two totally different plant.The main difference - in the form of leaves.In thistle they are big and solid, while the thistle - carved.Plants can still be distinguished by the shape and color of the bud.Thistle have large blossoms and green, while the thistle of the baskets even before the bud stick violet petals.When collecting the grass it is necessary to take into account these features.

harvested only suitable for healthy leaves thistle, you need to collect them carefully so they do not get crushed.Before drying, be sure to cut all the thorns.However, for the preparation of infusions to do it is not necessary.

In folk medicine thistle is used very often.Herbalists add it to the collection, to treat cancer and fibroids.It is irreplaceable in the treatment of pancreatic cancer.Among the useful properties of the plant noted hemostatic, diuretic, bactericidal.A beneficial effect of thistle on the cardiovascular system has long been a proven fact.

Thistle scratchy.How to prepare a collection Get rid of colds, coughs, asthma, septic wounds and rheumatism help decoctions and infusions based on the leaves and flowers of thistle.They also help with the inflammation of the bladder and hemorrhoids.

To prepare the infusion should be two tablespoons of dried mixture, the Gulf of boiled water, about two or three hours, then strain.Take three times a day, one third cup (preferably half an hour before eating).

Broth is a little different, but subject to the same proportions.The grass is boiled first ten minutes, after about an hour they insist.Take along the same lines as the infusion.In the treatment of skin cancer broth used externally.

Useful and powder from the leaves.Before taking his fill with boiling water and take three times a day on a teaspoon.