10 magical phrases that support the desire to learn

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start a new school year.Now it is especially important to strengthen a child's desire to learn.You can use the methods that we will tell you now.

You're a very responsible person.

labels - it's bad.But only if they are negative.What do you call a boat, so it will float.Hearing constantly about their responsibility, the child and really try to meet your expectations.Do you understand everything so quickly.

specific praise to the definition of merit - "quickly realize", "beautiful writing", "right to decide" - to make a child in the future to try again to hit you with their success.

done so many read!

Try to praise the child for the effort more than the results.Not so important to the well to read it, how important it is that he reads at all.If all the time to target only the child's success, sooner or later he will get tired and despair and just come from a distance.Besides praising the due diligence you give to understand - not so valuable reaction of others as your own desire to work.

Remember, before the last test you also worried?And everything worked!

Remind children of their past successes, especially if they lose confidence in their abilities.When a child seems to be that no matter what he is not able to, when the earth takes him from under their feet, try to find in his last moments, which will help to realistically assess their capabilities.You look like you're a little afraid of the exam.Let's divide the training into several parts.

Children sometimes feel that the educational material they can not afford.Help them to organize educational process so that the training goes well.Teach your child to determine the order of preference and use the most effective methods of study, for example - underline the most important places marker extract conclusions on the study, notes in the margins.If the material is a lot, proposed to divide the training for a few days, planned a study using the diary.

Remember how you felt when he got 90 points?

Every child at least once in your life get a good mark.It's a wonderful feeling is not bad to remember periodically to reinforce motivation.Reminding about it baby, we are helping him to gather with the spirit of wanting to relive these moments of victory.

Concha lessons - turn on the TV.

TV - a privilege that can benefit only those who fulfill their duties.It is not a punishment (not learn the lesson - stay without TV), this is only a help in setting priorities.You well remembered for a hearing.I think that is a quality we need to develop.

One of the responsibilities of parents - to open in your child's eye hidden and invisible power.Some of them can be very helpful in learning.Celebrate these qualities to support a son or daughter, instill confidence in their strength.

Your handwriting has improved a lot.

Use the method of positive reinforcement, because the child tried.Try to compare the success of the child only with his own achievements in the past, nor in any way with his brothers, sisters or friends.After all, everyone is moving at your own pace, do not put before the child obviously impracticable task.

done, do not give up, I know how hard you.

There is nothing nicer than a recognition of your labors.This phrase while you praise the child and give him a tribute, it reinforces the belief in yourself and celebrate his positive qualities.Such praise goes to the very heart and remains there for a long time.

Articles Source: MamaInfo