How to make a garage of foam blocks with their hands

Construction of foam blocks with their hands is now becoming widespread.The fact that the material is easy to process, structures thereof are generated quickly, it provides thermal and acoustic insulation and sufficiently acceptable cost.The advantage of foam blocks is environmental friendliness, resistance to temperature changes.

can now consider further the construction process itself.To build a garage of foam blocks with his hands, should start to make his project on paper.If you do not know how to do this, look for a ready-made plan.It will be ideal if you advise with appropriate specialist who will take into account the soil type, environmental factors and other details.

Now you can choose a suitable area and start preparatory work.Naturally, the building should have a driveway and does not disturb the neighbors.In order to build a garage of foam blocks with their hands, you need to decide on a solution that will be attached to each other elements.Since the material has a certain surface roughness, the mixture must compensate for them.Most often used for the construction of a special adhesive or conventional cement.

Garage from foam blocks must be the foundation.Thus it can be built from the same material.The base should be strong, but the foam block is easy, so it will be good to keep building, even on heaving soils.For the foundation should dig a trench depth of which is not less than 1 m. To strengthen the base can be a sand cushion valve, and a thin layer of concrete.Also, do not forget about waterproofing foundation, as the groundwater level can be raised or will go heavy rains, the water will get into the room.Then you can stack blocks.During operation, it is desirable to closely monitor the level of masonry.The stitches should be neat, and be no more than 1-3 cm.

Since the building material is brittle, it is not necessary to align the use of an ordinary hammer.It is best to pick up the rubber tool.Garage of foam blocks with his hands being built very quickly.During the construction we should not forget about ventilation.The most correct option is the forced-air system.

should also equip the beam, which will be located over the gate.It must be securely attached.

to the garage was comfortable to work, it should be warm.You can use the foam or glass wool.But be careful, because the room will be a source of danger, so it's best to choose a insulating material that will not succumb to combustion.

last stage of construction will be the organization of the roof, laying the roof and installation of gates.

That's garage is built from foam blocks with his hands.It should be noted that the building gives a very durable and reliable, while you do not need to invest in a large number of vehicles.The more that you do not have to hire a team of workers.