Brachioplasty: Lift the skin of hands

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need only expose their hands to the shoulder, they will immediately be given all the secrets.Over time, women's clothing is becoming more open, and if before the only part of the naked female body was the face and arm below the elbow, but now everything has changed.Dresses with open back and deep neckline, short shorts and skirts, shirts with thin spaghetti straps and tight, stretch things give everything flaws figures.

Fortunately, there is a plastic surgery, which is developing every day and offers women a simple and quick solution to adjust his body.More recently, assistance to the surgeon with the aim of surgery is only accessed due to diseases, but now it has become the norm and quite common.

Why brachioplasty hands?

Many women carefully watching his face, giving a lot of time and attention to care for him.They use all kinds of cosmetic products: creams, scrubs, liftings and tonics, which help to make the skin soft, healthy and beautiful, as well as get rid of the fine lines that do not paint a woman's face.

However, this does not enough to hide your age.One has only to expose their hands to the shoulder, they will immediately be given all the secrets.Hand skin requires less careful attention and care, since with time the soft tissue in the forearm lose its elasticity and begin to sag, regardless of the type of skin.This makes flabby arms and very unaesthetic, resulting in frustration faced with the problem of the fair sex.

However, there is a way to help solve the problem and restore the attractiveness of hands - is brachioplasty hands.

What brachioplasty hands?

As you may have guessed, plastic hand - is a surgical operation that is aimed at tightening the skin of hands.More specifically, the brachioplasty - is to eliminate sagging or loose skin in the area of ​​arms with the forearms formed in the area of ​​fat.

lift the skin of hands held in the case of loss of skin elasticity, and after a dramatic and rapid weight loss, when the skin does not have time to recover yourself.

If a patient asked for help from the surgeon to the presence of excess weight, brachioplasty accompanied by liposuction, without which it is unlikely to give the desired shape his hands as body fat will soon lead to the re-sagging skin.To make the removal of the hand in the area of ​​the skin perfect, perform additional procedures such as skin resurfacing, which can eliminate wrinkles, scars and dark spots on its surface.

Progress procedures plastic hand

To get rid of excess fat and skin on the inner side of the arm, starting from the shoulder to the elbow, and, made a long incision, having a T-shape.Thereafter, any excess skin is removed and subjected to liposuction fat.The size of the cut, the area of ​​tissue to be removed, as well as the amount of fat is pumped depends on the individual characteristics of each patient.

plastic Hand Held under local or general anesthesia.Here, too, everything depends on the health of the patient and the complexity of the procedure.After completing all the necessary manipulations, the skin is tightened and connected together in a continuous seam incision, using the bioresorbable thread.

rehabilitation after brachioplasty

At the end of the operation tighten the skin of the patient hands expects the rehabilitation period, which will last at least a week.After brachioplasty bandages on his hands overlap, which can not be removed before it will allow the physician who performed the procedure.

During the rehabilitation period, the hands can swell and swell, as well as an unpleasant, pain and discomfort.If during the operation was carried out not only the tightening of the skin, but also liposuction, the rehabilitation period may take up to two to three weeks.

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