Prayer "Father our" in Russian loses much in the sense of

Gospel - is "good news."What was this message and why it so people overreact?

The main idea that believers should understand the Gospel: God is always with Christians, it helps support.He loves people so much that became incarnate, took death on the cross for them.He then, of course, been raised, because it is God.This is the essence of Christian doctrine, the essence of the Gospel.

And if earlier in Jewish rites were devoted whole volumes inspired books, then Jesus died, leaving little or no tradition behind them.The apostles, however, once noticed the omission and asked him to teach his disciples to pray.Jesus said in response to a very short prayer, which is now known to all Christians of the world - "Our Father."

This prayer, like many others, has been translated into the national language, there is a prayer, "Father, our" in Russian, too.

It begins as Church option to appeal."Our Father" in Church and "our Father" in Russian.Title is clear in any case: to turn to God as Father.But the sacred language of prayer different from the normal everyday language.To my dad hardly someone comes with the word "Father".Such treatment - a sign of deep respect, admiration and even reverence."Who art" - the grammatical form, nothing more.Esi - verb being and existence.

Is the inner sense of the word "sky" and "heaven"?

somewhat different.Sky - it is something astronomical, and the heavens - a spiritual concept, so the prayer "Our Father" in Russian, if not distorted, it impoverishes meaning.

Next is: "Hallowed be thy name."In most translations, this part is unchanged, but sometimes it is reproduced as "let it be thy holy name."

¬ęsaints" - the verb in the return form, which means that action is performed by the object itself.That is the name of God itself "holy", regardless of whether it is sacred for someone or not.Prayer "Father our" in Russian substitute for meaning.

next few lines in the texts do not differ.The biggest difference in the phrase about the "daily bread."

most important sacrament for the Orthodox is the Eucharist.At this point, the bread and wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ.This is what is said in the prayer.Daily bread - it's not a loaf or a loaf, this is the sacrament.But prayer, "Father, our" in Russian says "Give us each day," that is, the phrase translates into an ordinary, everyday.This is not talking about the great mystery of God, and plan purchases.

words of the prayer "Our Father" sung at each Mass, they sung before meals and prayers are repeated each time.The meaning of prayer should be understood, of course, but reading it is better in Church.

Neophytes first overstep the threshold of the church, they want to understand everything in the church life.They, of course, need a translation of the prayer "Our Father", the explanation of the meaning.Many grumble a complex and confusing language of church prayers.In fact, the prayer "Our Father", a translation of which is easy to reach, clear and without much explanation, and in general Church Slavonic language very similar to the Russian.If you learn just one hundred words, the entire service will be clear and simple.