Peace and disarmament, prevention of nuclear war

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only globalization finally began to communicate to people the simple truth: the planet we have one.If you destroy it, you will have nowhere to live brainer.Everyone will die.Therefore, it is an acute problem for peace and disarmament.It would seem that what could be simpler: to get together and negotiate.At the UN, there are constant meetings of responsible and wise people are trying to reduce the level of tension in the world, and its new centers emerge that mushrooms after rain.And every time we have together to discuss how the problem can be solved by peace and disarmament, prevention of nuclear war.Let's look at the root and try to see the forest for the trees.

Global problems

Let's start with the fact that mankind has created difficulties themselves enough.It refers to those challenges, unresolved which will lead to the disappearance of the human race, together with radiant blue planet.And among them the problem of peace and disarmament is one of the first places.Various experts count up to four dozen unsolved problems.Some are very sharp, others are not so strongly affect our lives.For simplicity they are summarized in several categories.Namely:

  • environmental,
  • demographic,
  • energy,
  • preserve peace,
  • food,
  • ocean development and space.

agree that each of the above groups of tasks concerns the entire population of the planet.Without food or water, clean air and energy, few survive.Although, of course, will split the group, not only to the planet shattered into pieces.Therefore the problem of peace and disarmament put forward by politicians and scientists on the very forefront.Why is that?

Globality humanity

We have already said that the problem of peace and disarmament concerns every person on Earth.The fact that such a large number of arms, as now, have never existed.Even at the end of the last century, when the two superpowers decided to reduce tensions and reach agreement on the destruction of a certain part of their arsenals.The most formidable weapon is considered to be nuclear.But now they have officially seven countries.And actually - eight or more.It is clear that not every nuclear state can destroy the planet.Yes this modern environment is not required.You see, in the world as "hot spots" that if in one place breaks out, the fire flares up instantly.That is the start of combat missiles will lead to pressing the red button in all states.Let's talk about this in more detail, to make it clear.

Geopolitics briefly

We are not going to delve into the difference between marine and continental civilizations.To understand what is the problem of peace and disarmament, prevention of nuclear war, this is not necessary.And we should consider the state of the planet in terms of sovereignty.For example, in its entirety, he has every power.Consequently, countries are trying to solve its own problems, develop, and so on.Other people's interests for them - is a secondary matter.But mankind has a history.It does not consist of peace and full of centuries of prosperity of nations.Everything up to "reverse".In our common history are many bloody events, territorial disputes, genocide, and other troubles.All this leads to the fact that there are so-called pressure points.Countries arguing over borders and resources, can not forget old grudges and old war.You see, any people can quickly push for war.Therefore, it is acute problem of peace and disarmament.

essence of the problem, but until we have considered only one nuance challenges facing humanity.In fact, there is much more complicated.Yes, national interests have to be taken into account.But their history, so to speak, the roots are burdened with economic difficulties.If before the country can live a more or less acceptable, using its own resources, it is now becoming increasingly difficult.And there are examples.North Korea shutting of the world, live very poorly.She shared the achievements of civilization gets only the crumbs.From this suffering population.The problem of disarmament and peace in the world is not in dispute resolution and elimination of obstacles to the development of individual countries.The bottom line is in the construction of such a system, which will operate independently of the mechanism of neutralization of the causes of conflict.That is the creation of a new society where guns just do not need.Agree, a giant task.Unfortunately, we, as a century ago, are still at the beginning.

Why is this how our global society?

To understand whether the decision of the problem of peace and disarmament, its causes should be investigated thoroughly and comprehensively.It is believed that it created two superpowers: the USSR and the USA.In the last century, after the invention of the nuclear bomb, they made the arms race.That is trying to crush each other the number of missiles and charge carriers of perfection, meaning that they do not necessarily apply.Believe me, crazy, confident that a nuclear war can be permanent in politics a little.However, the situation developed rapidly, ending completely unnecessary creation of weapons of mass destruction.This, hopefully, will never agree to move.However, tipping mankind into the abyss of regression and his presence is enough.

economic aspect

weapon - something expensive.It is necessary to make, test (not talking about the invention), but also to maintain.This means huge spending on specialized research institutions, military units, factories, mining and processing enterprise.All this is not just money.The amounts for the maintenance of nuclear arsenals are enormous.Of course, some argue, the work of the defense industry - is jobs.That is, people get a place of service and salary.But bringing any benefit to mankind such activity?The world is full of countries producing and buying arms.In fact, they spend precious resources are not on the development and death.Let us be frank: it is not progress in terms of civilization, it is - madness.However, the system does not change.Many conflicts, therefore, the demand on the arms market is not falling.But the producers of the right.They earn money.And few people think or calculates how much bread or other useful and necessary things could be made instead of guns.How to become a happier planet.

distracted by conspiracy theories

Analyzing how can be solved the problem of disarmament and peace, we will run into a simple question: who cares?Examining it, you realize that it is only interested in ordinary people.The owners of the MIC or banks have a different opinion on this matter.Conspiracy theorists have joined these people the term "global predictor."It is believed that there is a "global elite" conceptually influence the process on the planet.That's it, then the war can not hurt.The fact is that too many people.And the trouble is not even that they have nothing to feed, as is sometimes written in the media.Q in the other.Normal control, as scientists believe, can be a little more than two billion people.If the company becomes larger (as is already the case), it is the collective unconscious will escape from the influence of manipulators.It can not be kept under control.It will develop independently, giving rise to and implementing ideas.Unpredictability is extremely dangerous - we are trying to instill in the media "rulers."Conspiracy theorists believe that it is they do not have a solution for peace and disarmament.What for?It is best to thin out a little humanity to make it more docile.

environmental aspect

global peace and disarmament, as already noted, affects the entire planet.It is easy to see, while follow the newswire.That one, then the other part of the globe armed clashes erupt.They, of course, not only to take away life.The surrounding landscape is also collapses, becomes lifeless desert.People leave their lands, no longer handle them and develop.And while we are talking only about conventional weapons.Imagine what will happen when the course will go nuclear bombs.In addition, resources have to produce more and more rapidly, destroying the subsoil, changing environment.But they are finite.Future generations can get a lifeless, dug along and across the planet.But that's not all.

spawning of new conflicts

There theatrical wisdom that says that if a rifle hanging on the wall, it necessarily shoot.In our case, it is quite applicable.The number of weapons circulating in the world, is that the hot heads just waiting for the case to put it in motion.In the old problems imposed new offense.For example, if we consider the situation in the Middle East, everything will become clear.After the destruction of Libya and Iraq, there is a never-ending war.In this region, a day does not pass without casualties.People are fleeing to Europe, creating social tensions there.In addition, the militants organize LIH demonstrative actions with their heads cut off and destroyed shrines.People just specially vented to each other.Muslims and Christians, Shiites from Sunni Arabs with Jews.And the output is not visible.In Africa, the same thing happens.But last year there was a bleeding wound in the heart of Europe.In Ukraine, there is a war.

peace and disarmament: the way forward

unlikely that the complexity of the situation, you can convey to the reader in one small article.Its roots are deep, a lot of players, each of them trying to insist on their own right.What to do?Closed his eyes and wait for Armageddon?Of course not.In any case, policies that take responsibility for their own people, are not sitting idly by.The world community has long since come to believe that the problem can only be solved together.It is necessary to conduct an ongoing conversation for a moment about all the components of this global threat.Saving the planet one country can not afford.But to find a diplomatic solution for each existing conflict situation, if all countries support, can and should be.That is the way known.It should break the problem into components, without forgetting the main goal, and planned to go ahead.At the same time participate in the process should be all States, recognized or not.No one has the right to ignore the universal human activities on the preservation of their native planet.

Conclusion Let's summarize.The problem of preserving the world is global.It affects every person on Earth.Its versatile aspects.It affects the economic, social side of human existence.This problem has no borders.No one can hide.However, it is quite solvable.But in the process should involve all nations and peoples.Although it is not necessary to talk about the theory.In practice, what happens.We see in the news.In Minsk members agree Norman Quartet in Vienna six signs an agreement with Iran and so on.All of this - the events of the series.Namely efforts of world players peaceful resolution of conflicts.Let's hope that in this way the situation will develop further.