How to treat the bites of ants

There is probably someone who would not see an ant.Various species of these insects live in almost every corner of the world.No ants only in Antarctica and on several islands located in the middle of the ocean.In our latitudes, you can meet them, going into the woods and a meadow, working in the garden and in the garden.Some species have settled in houses and apartments and cause many inconveniences such neighborhood, regularly eating all the sweets and meat products, which are able to reach.And penetrate because of their size, they can be almost anywhere.That accounts for all the ways to get rid of the "home" of insects.

Taking a walk through the woods or a meadow, you may come across nests of other, larger members of these insects.You have to be careful not to come or not to touch these buildings.Insects are biting, defending their territory.Biting ants in small quantities cause serious harm can not, but it certainly will bring a lot of unpleasant minutes.After a fleeting pain, redness, irritation and itching.These "nice" symptoms can be kept for several days.The wound gets formic acid, which causes itching.

particularly unpleasant bite of red ant.Strong enough pain continued for half an hour.The insects of this type are large (8-14 mm), and once significant dose injected acid.Especially annoying bites of ants for children.It is necessary to closely monitor the condition of the child during the day after the incident.In the event of any deviation needs to be called "fast" without any doubt.

To reduce the intensity of stimulation ant bites, a place of defeat, you need to rinse with water and wipe any disinfectant.You can use the traditional methods: rub with a solution of baking soda and aloe juice, make the cold to reduce swelling.If you have a tendency to allergies, it is desirable to take an antihistamine.Attentive to the problem should be taken if an ant bite occurred on mucous membranes: the lips, eyes and throat.In this case, the poison spreads quickly throughout the body.If the temperature has risen, there nausea or dizziness, headache, heart palpitations or shortness of breath, you should immediately seek medical help.In some cases, bites ants can cause severe allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock.

should consult your doctor and if it took several days, and the wound has not healed, there is redness and swelling.Sometimes there is the appearance of pus in the center of the wound - it's a sign that she is infected.This occurs most often with children, who can not resist comb itchy places.To avoid this trouble should use ointments that reduce the unpleasant symptoms (sold in pharmacies without a prescription).

If you are bitten by these insects can be comforted by the fact that you have taken a course of therapy.Ant poison used in the treatment of neuralgia and diseases of the joints.Dried and live insects made ant alcohol and various liqueurs.In some countries in Asia and South America, a few species of ants eat: they fry or prepare them a seasoning for meat dishes.