The degradation of the individual

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No wonder people treat animals class .Humanity begins to live like beasts only instincts , chief among them - survival.Is it always has been?

people eventually become greedy, selfish and meaner.Nobody cares about other people's problems, every man for himself.Probably, on the ground there are few places where you still live a truly good and sincere people.Well, except for our thoughts and fantasies, and then, most only children.Children nowadays are starting to deteriorate very early.Previously, it was lovely, clean and upright creatures, and what now?Do they remain the same?

no doubt in our society is not without good people, but all of us spoils society is it.People new principles and priorities.All are ready to tear each other at the earliest opportunity.All duplicitous, absolutely everything!People are taught from childhood not the things they do not instill those habits, do not give the knowledge.

Yet, calms me think that somewhere in the world there are decent people.They are not spoiled by the outside world, though, and interact with them.These individual, humans are rare, of course, personalities, and very consistent.Certainly, each of us is a person, but what?

All people have their masks, no one shows their true nature.All we hide what really are.Yes exactly what, and who does not.

If you study the history and see what people were used to, I think, from the beginning of human existence, it was not without a "fool."At all times, we have been wicked and envious people, but it was more good.Take even, for example, children's stories, they wrote in the likeness of the society, which is inherent in a particular time.Consequently, the time used to be much better than now.And indeed all the literature and art becomes not what it was before.That's not what art is amazing, mind and soul.Now people have in mind only fashion.Peace is not possible without negative feelings.Unrealizable Utopia.Perhaps even better, though ...

In response to the good, in most cases correspond to evil.We are all subject to emotions and can not always keep them.And our thoughts are full of evil.We are looking all over the reason for the scandal.People have forgotten how to simply love ...
With the advent of the Internet and various social services.networks, people have not developed, but rather "to roll on an inclined."The degradation of the individual grows, people are becoming more aggressive and inhumane.
I think we should all pull myself together and do something more worthy.To develop both themselves and society as a whole.Our future depends only on us, and I think few people want that their children lived in the future.So it's time to wake up and start to build a normal life!Our parents raised us not to, we "spoiled" life, but in order for us to improve it.

What becomes a society? What mydelaem with him and why?The degradation of the individual, whether it is highly prevalent?