Reform - a change

reform - a change in controlled and planned by the ruling elite.They tend to cover the most important public settings.Reform - a process that involves political, cultural, social, economic activity of the country.The changes are aimed at increasing the public generally through the modernization of energy, reduction of disorganization, to overcome the state of discomfort.Reform - the event which resulted in the imposition of a deep (new) consensus.As a result, as a rule, it is possible to avoid a catastrophe.This is very important!Reform - an attempt to resolve socio-cultural conflict, the impact of which is achieved through the introduction of new ideas and the corresponding relationships.

features of the reform process in Russia

These or other changes in the country are carried out, it was noted that the ruling elite.Conversion may affect private areas.For example, the government can be reformed health care, court, military, education and other spheres.As a rule, changes are perceived by the government as the need for modernization of the economy.The forces of traditionalism are considering conversion to a displacement of the center of power down, some equalization, the source of the increase of benefits of various kinds.As the historical practice, people expect a miracle from the changes.So, for example, land reform and other transformation of 1861 ultimately led to the restoration of serfdom and the full-scale terror.Liberal in the changes provoked some discomfort, which, in turn, gave impetus to the establishment of statehood, capable to equalize everything.

factors that trigger reform in Russia

One of the main preconditions for the beginning of transformation of the country is considered to be the identity, the specificity of its historical development.These factors in a given period of existence of the state provoked a split of authority.This inevitably led to the destruction within the culture, disturbances in social relations.The split begins to acquire endless cultural and social forms.Destruction present in most human activities.This is reflected in the desire to keep the mixed public relations and culture intact and change them at the same time.In this regard, there is a need to evaluate the reform, using a dual position: to reduce the split of its magnification.As a driving force for reforms in favor raising the state of mass discomfort.In other words, increasing the notion that the previously comfortable, reasonable, usual "native" social relations, socio-cultural environment become dangerous, hostile, alien.This poses the problem of the reform to reduce, weaken the process, which could face rising discontent transforms into mass disorganization and probably in social disaster.In this case the evaluation of reforms carried out by dual opposition: by strengthening the state of comfort.