Palme d'Or.

Cannes Film Festival - a significant event in the art world, in which participation can not afford as a top-class professionals and amateurs, students.The history of the event could begin in 1939.Organizers intend to create an alternative to the Venice Film Festival, who suddenly found himself in the hands of the Nazi regime.As chairman of the jury was appointed to the famous Louis Lumière.However, the planned opening on September 1 did not take place - the Second World War.

history continued seven years later - in 1946.Then it laid the basic traditions of the festival - Grand Prix (1955 - "Golden Palm"), which is awarded to the best film of the submitted short and feature-length films.In addition to the main prize, awards received and other members of cinematography - for Best Screenplay, Best Director, co, camera work, and many others.But the Palme d'Or, of course, remained the beloved fruit, which is meant to disrupt all fit themselves into the history Cinématographe.Since 1951 the festival has been decided to carry out only in the spring.Since then, in April-May, Cannes transformed from ordinary French seaside town to the epicenter of the "greatest of the arts", where the concentrated stars of world cinema and admirers of their talents.

first Palm, which was made of pure gold in 1955, was officially handed Delbertu Mann.The director was awarded for its outstanding creation - the film "Marty."By the end of the 60th Cannes Film Festival has become a very respectable event with excellent infrastructure and an original conceptual approach of the organizers.And since 1978, the show was supplemented by a separate competitive section "Un Certain Regard", which did not participate in the race for the "gold".

Winners at Cannes are harsh pre-selection.However, it should be noted that the competition is very democratic, and take part in it can be almost any.Suffice it to fulfill a number of conditions - a film have to be removed over the past 12 months before the festival, and it should not be seen in other competitions.Of the options proposed special committee selects the best candidates, who will represent the country in one way or another program - the main, "Un Certain Regard", short films, Cinéfondation (student work).

jury, which is appointed by the directorate of the festival, at the closing session after watching all the films participating to decide who will get the top prize - the Palme d'Or, and the other determines the winners.Only once, in 1958, the Russian film "The Cranes Are Flying" Mikhail Kalatozov won the highest award.The names of all winners became the property of the cinema, in spite of possible contradictions and disputes.Palme d'Or is the crown, which crowned the best.Of course, we can not ignore, and some of the political and social aspects that are invisible influence on the opinion of the jury.An example of this was the winner of the 66th Cannes Film Festival - "Life Adele", directed by Abdellatif keshish.The history of lesbian love on the background of intensified promotion of homosexuality in Europe had expected Crowned gold.