How to lose weight in a month

problem of extra kilos of concern to many women, and men too.Some want to get a nice slender figure simply in order to seduce men, someone just for a good physical and psychological comfort, the other to leave hurriedly looking for an answer to the burning question "how to lose weight in the past month."

most common opinion on the matter - compliance with strict diets.Indeed, many of the diet, if done rightly, give a good result, if you ask the question "how to lose weight in a month."

In fact, you can lose weight in three days and through diet.But whether it is correct?For example, a popular fat-free diet.It lies in the fact that you must severely limit the intake of dietary fat.Such a diet experts recommend sports nutrition.It is designed for rapid weight loss, but is harmful to health, so more than a month to comply with it can not be, because reshivshayasya on a diet a woman forced to give up not only on oil, meat, egg yolks and sausages, but also on the bakery and pastry works of art ...

general diet for quick weight loss effectiveness, but if you get out of the diet, as the dumped kgs come back again.But how to lose weight in a month, if there is any restriction in the diet can be harmful or even dangerous for your health?Significant damage to health may cause excessive dietary restrictions and imbalances.

The same is true with respect to the so-called metered starvation.First, a person who torture themselves in this manner, always in a bad mood, it feels uncomfortable and also very inconvenient for others.Second, fasting can lead to the spread of diseases with a beautiful foreign name "anorexia."

But maybe you can lose weight in a month without dieting?

One, Universal, suitable for all occasions, the recommendation of how to lose weight in the past month, unfortunately, can not be given.Every human body is unique and has its own characteristics up to intolerance of certain foods and differences in metabolism.

But there are a few rules, doing that can not only lose weight without dieting for a month, but also improve their health and become tightened, without applying any diets.By the way, these rules are not painful, and if you follow them consistently, it is possible to obtain not only a great result, but also a guarantee that the kilos come back.

The most important rule is that in any case can not starve yourself.All the same, so to lose weight will not work - will slow down the metabolism and fat, contrary to expectations will be delayed even more intensively.

better to eat less, and just reasonable.So before eating a well drink a glass of water, which will help bring down the number of appetite, and in the morning to eat a good breakfast in a bowl of cereal - they contain a lot of low-calorie fiber that will fill your stomach and blunt the feeling of hunger for the whole day.It is very useful to eat a little several times a day.It also suppresses the appetite and activates the metabolism, helping the body to burn extra calories.

If you still do not understand how you can lose weight in a month, a good idea to find like-minded people who also did not wish to use the diet in the difficult task of normalization of weight, and to communicate with them, sharing experience.They can be found in the gym, at the beach or on a treadmill in the park.

reasonable dosage exercise will have a very beneficial impact not only on the state of the figure, but also on the general state of health, and light jogging in the city park or on the shore of the lake, especially accompanied by a pet dog will strengthen erdechno-sosudistuyu system will bring to the life of composurewhich can be disrupted by various problems in the workplace and in the family, and even to solve these problems!Just do not "play the athlete", because it is easy to cause injury, bruises and sprains and as a result, again to the extra kilos ...

How to lose weight in the past month?Is it possible at all?

Yes.It is necessary only to want.