The Order of Glory: The Story of a soldier's awards

Order of Glory was established in November 1943, one of the most glorious period of the Great Patriotic War, when it became clear that the offensive initiative finally secured for the Red Army.Behind have been hundreds of battles and clashes, which resulted in the Soviet people managed to contain the German blitzkrieg and forcing the invaders to retreat yesterday to the western borders of the country.Of course, the Order of Glory was not the only significant state award related to military merit.However, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis particular regalia was that it was awarded ranks and junior officers of the heroic feats, accomplishments directly on the battlefield.It was supposed to call him the Order of Bagration, but eventually got the reward it exists today name.

provisions insignia

In fact, the Order of Glory is the reward of the lower parts of the army, who immediately went on the attack and risked his life, reflecting the attacks of the enemy.He was, as he later called by the people, the soldiers' order

.He awarded the Order of Glory fighters for the following services:

  • destruction of several enemy tanks.
  • destruction or serious damage equipment and manpower of the enemy.
  • capture the enemy trenches and fortifications of the first fighters to destroy or capture enemy soldiers.
  • capture enemy officers captured.
  • Implementation of successful intelligence operation, during which they received valuable information on the activities and location of units and enemy units.
  • Salvation own banner warhead in danger.

The above merit - only part of the heroic feats of soldiers who have been awarded this mark of distinction.Knights of the Order of Glory were entitled to an extraordinary increase in rank - from sergeant to lieutenant.

Appearance award

Regalia is slightly convex five-pointed star.On its front side is a round medallion and the Kremlin's Spassky Tower, framed by a laurel wreath around the circumference.At the bottom of the medallion is made, once again, a circle inscription "Glory."There are three degrees of the Order.The differences between these articles are to material fabrication.Thus, the Order of Glory 3rd degree is made of silver.The Order 2 degrees of gold by central medallion, and the product of 1st degree is cast of solid gold.

History Awards

first hero, the oversight of the regalia, appeared in November 1943.I would like to note that today do not know exactly who it was the first holder of the Order of consideration, as the various documents of wartime several contradictory on this issue.During the entire existence to the insignia was put in charge of more than one million people.Of these, full gentlemen - more than 2500 characters.It is interesting that, in contrast to many other awards and medals, which could be awarded collectively, military units and parts, the Order of Glory fighters are awarded only for his personal courage and merits before Fatherland.