About dysbacteriosis in children

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about whether there is a disease called goiter, discussions among experts has been going on for many years.Some argue that it is, others - that this term came up with pharmacists for the prosperity of the business.To date, many Western countries refused to diagnose in children and adults this disease.In post-Soviet countries, on the contrary, on violations of flora (and this is a goiter) to earn more money.

In the body, each person lives about 400 different species of bacteria.Among them there are both beneficial and harmful.But they all coexist peacefully "for the time being", while in the body for some reason did not fail and bacteria pests not "prevail" over the useful.The baby is born with a completely sterile gut.But from the first minutes of the birth of his body begins to be populated with all sorts of bacteria.If the medical staff of the hospital will make the crumbs to the mother's breast at once precious drops of colostrum with its huge number of bifidobacteria, provide child protection body.Provided breastfeeding in the next three weeks after birth, the baby's body to cope with the harmful E. coli and other micro-organisms that could harm him.If the baby is not immediately attached, or transferred to the mixture, or early began to introduce solid foods - his intestines may encounter such a problem, as a violation of the microflora.

first manifestations of dysbiosis may be:

* constipation or diarrhea;* Chair interspersed with mucus, with an unpleasant odor;* Allergic reactions on the skin.

Doubts help dispel or confirm the correct analysis.For this fresh baby chair (preferably a clean diaper rather than diapers, often distorts the test results) was placed in a sterile jar and not later than 2 hours after withdrawal delivered to the laboratory.The results obtained by analyzing the following treatment lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.Sometimes, when dominance bowel aureus, can be recommended and antibiotics or bacteriophages.

In conclusion, I want to warn parents: do not look for disease in their child where they are not.Therefore, treatment of dysbacteriosis begin only when the results of clinical tests confirmed the baby poor health and specific symptoms.

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