The use of lasers

The word "laser" so firmly established in our lives that these devices probably knows every adult inhabitant of the planet.The use of lasers has become customary and almost everyday.It is used in many areas of human activity.

US physicists working in the famous Laboratory.Lorenz argue that they were able to reproduce the all-time highest beam.The laser power of 500 trillion watts and 1.85 Mega joules of ultraviolet radiation.The inventive beam has a size of 2 mm in diameter, but its thickness is greater than that which possess all the power consuming devices in America, working simultaneously.The temperature of the laser is 100 million degrees, and is more than the center of the main source of energy - the sun.

What is a laser?It is a source of electromagnetic radiation, which is based on stimulated emission of molecules and atoms.It includes the visible, infrared and ultraviolet ranges, has very high radiation directivity, that is its unique capability.

diverse use of lasers.It is used in the are

as of human activity such as medicine, biology, military industry, location and communications, information storage, measuring cosmic distances, projection television, high technology, and much more.Scientists have to date because of the laser monochromatic light of any wavelength.This can be a continuous wave or a narrow spectrum ultrashort pulse.

Known types of lasers:

- gas;

- solid;

- liquid.

In an alternating pulse mode operating ruby ​​laser, but in the gas main working material, of course, gas.Its atoms are gaining momentum from an electrical discharge.

There are semiconductor lasers that are continuous devices.The radiation energy which is taken from the electric current.There are also gas-dynamic lasers.They are very powerful and have the same name of the foundation, characterized by a continuous action.Their principle of operation is based on the cooling process of supersonic gas flows.

Known lasers fall into several types depending on what material they work: a dye, gas, metal vapor, or semiconductor.

Originally modern astronomers used a laser and get amazing results.They determined the exact distance to the Earth's satellite - the Moon, and used for this bold experiment ruby ​​laser and corner reflectors.On the surface of the Earth with a telescope, scientists sent a focused laser.By the time spent on the way to the moon and back, it was determined the exact distance.

In medicine, the use of lasers is incredibly broad.With their help return people to live a full life.An example may be the operation performed on the retina during which doctors use a scalpel instead all the same laser.In addition, the source of electromagnetic radiation is used to treat severe bone injuries, and surgical interventions that require the connection torn muscle.

Biologists using laser tweezers have new opportunities in protein research.Widely used laser magnetization, as well as cooling of the molecules in the need for ultra-low temperatures.It is known the use of lasers in nuclear fusion, surface treatment, heat treatment and hardening of metals, and, in addition, in the production of modern weapons.For example, in 2009 the American company Northrop Grumman has established a solid-state electric laser power which is equal to 100 kW.The development was designed to deal with air and ground purposes in the defense of the country.