How to celebrate a birthday with colleagues at work?

Name day, came on a working day, always nice to excite and spur extraordinary celebration of the company employees.Having decided to celebrate a birthday with colleagues, should deal with their own desires and inviting.Name Day - a holiday of the soul, and to hold it is necessary so that this day memorable, regardless of that person at work or on vacation.


To understand the strategy for the celebration, should be well aware contingent shared with the hero of the occasion workdays.If a purely female team composed of employees of the third and the most beautiful youth, you need to spend a holiday in a relaxed atmosphere that is sure to affect every person romantic chord.If the motley team, decide how to celebrate a birthday with his colleagues, will not be so easy.

Large organizations introduce secret veto on any celebration in the workplace, so in the daytime under the name days are quiet trill keys or tools.Optimal management option - a small feast at lunchtime.

Celebrate with employees

How to celebrate a birthday with colleagues at work to superiors remained in good spirits, everyone knows.Menu festive table is required to consist of sweet treats (which is the name day without a cake?) And fruit additions: grapes, oranges and lemons.Tea and champagne - is quite tolerable addition to cooking.

Celebrate a birthday with colleagues easiest in healthy young team.Energetic and has not jammed life of the people are easy-going and not afraid to take the initiative.Oh great friendship nobody declares, but warm relations - an excellent soil for a fun celebration.How to celebrate a birthday with colleagues at the highest level?The main rule feast - forget the ubiquitous politics, successful or not his personal life and everyday obsessions problems.Bosses and higher units "working mechanism" also fall out of topics to discuss with the guests: a banquet feast, but the consequences could descend.

In the style of a mafia

young team can be invited to note the name day in the style of a mafia.Modern restaurants perfectly perceive actively burning celebration and young team, so the problems with the venue for the birthday will be.Deciding to spend a birthday with his colleagues, is to think in advance the script and themes.Mafia - popular recently quest problems with knowledge of the rules of the game the staff should not be, but it will still have to be safe.All the rules and tablets is making a large font, so more convenient to operate them while driving.

gaming options

not be less organic gaming birthday with colleagues.The script of this celebration is quite simple.For the active participation of all colleagues is to ask in advance about their favorite games.Options for the highest number of fans, will be the favorites in the evening.Game Party allow mentally shake the team, to help reduce the workload and stress of office.Light music, intricate interiors and soft drinks fine feast on young employees and give more confidence to each of the participants.

Festival domino

original idea of ​​the festival will be a domino - like everyone knows the game from the time of Soviet childhood cozy when families spend hours playing before bedtime.Terms of fun so popular collective know everything, you can diversify by means of prizes or desires - the loser must fulfill every wish or say unusual toast.Expand game night can and backgammon, and Card Racing, most importantly, that all take an active part and not just sit with a glass on the side.

notes with colleagues birthday is useful: every employee opens with a party that allows to reconsider their attitude and level minor roughness.To the staff was open and the most active during the games or the feast, is prepared in advance by announcing its intention to celebrate.Thus, the majority of labor companions safely will enter the name day of the month in an article embezzlement and will not be embarrassed by fallen holiday.

And you call the boss?

Noting birthday with colleagues, many are thinking about the need for the presence of superiors (group, department or sector).This problem is solved in a jiffy: if the holiday will be held in the office, an approximate guide is required to be aware of (tactful suggestions will be sufficient).And in the case of a light lunch, followed by a buffet elsewhere superiors can not be included in the list of invitees.Not everyone is the chief (director) takes an active part in gatherings outside office - subordination firmly rooted among the masses since the Soviet era.

If money is not very much ...

How to celebrate a birthday with colleagues when finances do not allow large scale swing, and the staff just crept eerily pleasant?In this case it is necessary to act on the principle of school - snacks, simple sweets and tea will solve the problem.In the close-knit team remain the main communication and atmosphere, and the holidays - a nice addition to it.

entertainment venues

can also celebrate a birthday with colleagues in entertainment establishments - billiards, bowling and adult horses will be the perfect complement to the fun.Active leisure friendly, pleasant conversations and ease brighten any holiday.The main objective is to create a birthday entourage, so the volume of spirits is reduced - the subsequent access to the work or the weekend in the family should not be overshadowed by the past in the evening.

Cafes and restaurants

Elegant birthday celebration in one day will be a joint trip to the pizzeria, sushi bar or confectionery (female version).Similar gatherings great rally team because intererchik cozy, light background music and a warm glow to fruitful communication and recreation.Also, the youth team can easily spend a couple of hours in a karaoke competition where vocal mastermstve can grow to the extent of exciting battles, and the winner shall perform the track for the birthday toast and announce from the stage.

How to celebrate?

main nuance fun birthday is clear time boundary - if the company has a young mothers or couples, should not delay the fun until the first roosters, better disperse peacefully in a decent all the time to worry about leaving the comfort of each of the participants of the ceremony.Past name-no manual is not deemed valid reason of absence the next day.

Discard tradition

In the case where an active birthday at work is not included in the upcoming plans should consider the option of careless waste of fun.If the team started the iron tradition to celebrate holidays together, and simply decorated a day off on that day will cause a crack in a beautifully harmonious "working family" is to discuss in advance with colleagues the possibility of verbal greetings office without accompanying tinsel.

If employees have brought the tradition to bestow all kinds of birthday the "right" gifts, is also to put all the activists aware of the reluctance of the celebration.So not have explicit discomfort and everything will be simplified scenario - dinner with cake and tea.Many decide to explain the reluctance to celebrate aging ("one more year of experience in the treasury"), the other - the state of the material ("bought a fridge - is now a month do not eat"), but in fact necessary to openly announce the reason for the festivities is not part of the immediate plans.Any corporate gatherings are designed to bring together workers, to dilute their labor days of gray with bright colors and pleasant memories.