Social policy: the strategy, principles and priorities

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Social policy - a system of targeted measures which the State holds or other business entity (eg, local, regional management, some private enterprise, and so on. D.).They are held to improve the quality of life and raise its level among some segments of the population.Also, studies social policy and issues related to economics, history, law and sociology.This area is examined links between cause and consequence in social issues.However, this definition is ambiguous, as the conventional wisdom about the term "social policy" is not.Often it means the regulation of services enshrined in the organizational and legal terms, and provided to the public by the State.However, not all researchers agree with the use of the term in this sense.

State social policy

Typically, it is conducted by governments, regional or local.Financing decisions in the social sphere made from the state budget.The objects of social policy, as a rule, are the large social groups.They must comply with any ideology that prevails in the country at the moment, or the long-term values ​​of the society that is to be promising.The social policy, the Government aims to improve the health of people and create a favorable atmosphere in the society, to provide the public an adequate and stable income to support in difficult situations.Its mandate includes regulation of labor relations, employment and labor migration.For a coherent, competent solutions to all these issues, organized a public service such as the Ministry of Social Policy.In its submission includes several departments.This, for example, pension departments, administrative support, labor market and employment, and others.

Social policy priorities and strategy

main direction of its activities - the general solution of the whole system problems in society is at the present stage of its development.Among the accumulated problems there are always those that require priority intervention and secondary.So the priorities of the social policy are:

- to provide normal conditions for the existence of the family, helping mothers;

- creating decent living conditions for every human being, from birth to death;

- to provide housing for the population, improving the quality of social services: cultural development, protection of health;

- the protection of all kinds of freedoms and rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Social policy: principles and objectives

Before social policy has the following objectives:

- motivate the career of the employed population;

- to stimulate economic growth, seek to ensure that production was subordinated to the interests of the consumer;

- to preserve the identity of the nation, its originality, its natural and cultural heritage;

- to provide the public social security and a decent standard of living.

Social policy has always been guided by certain principles: partnership guarantees continuity, fairness and responsibility.