Children of Nature - chicks sparrows

you found at his dacha wounded sparrow chick?Or at the last moment snatched from the jaws of a cat?To release the chick in this case it is a pity, and I want to cure him, but behind it requires some care.Let's try to figure out how to take care of the chicks sparrows.

First of all, you need to know some information about the sparrows.Read the various articles and watch the live nature nestling sparrow.Photos will see their habitat.Children often ask parents to the question of how many chicks a sparrow can be and what they need to feed.The number of eggs depends on the species.For example, in a laying house sparrow their number varies from 2 to 10.

now turn to the question of feeding of sparrows.Let the highlights of this process:

1. chick reared by hand, considers you his flock, so it will have to leave at home - it can not survive in the wild.

2. Feed the chicks bread is strictly prohibited!

3. If you give the sparrow curd, it must be rinsed with boiling water three times.Its fat content should be minimal - ideally 0%.

Chicks sparrows are more likely to survive in the real environment, rather than in your home.If you find Ptah on the street, it is best to transplant it into any hill (fence, bush, barn and so on. N.).But if you do decide to fledge on their own, you need to finish reading the article until the end.
Follow this "child" is necessary, as for his own, and even more carefully.Caring for young sparrow will take 15-20 minutes of each hour.Feed the chicks need to saturation.Metabolism of sparrows is very high, which means that you can not leave them without food for more than three hours.

sparrow Litter should immediately remove.Its appearance is an indicator of proper nutrition.

in nature sparrow chicks are fed on insects, so you too can bring a chick food.Feed them fly larvae, ant cocoons.You can also give Ptah chopped eggs, cottage cheese and even carrots.Naturally, the birds need vitamin and mineral supplements.In the living chick can grow cocoons, and one cottage cheese - no.

Sparrow can be kept in a small box.After the chicks grow sparrows and start trying to fly out of this "nest" Ptah must be placed in a small cage with a soft and dry bedding (you can dry the trampled grass or moss).At the age of 4-5 days the young sparrows need warmth.

Food chicks it's best to give a pair of tweezers.If the chick does not open his mouth, then here it can help a click on the beak, or shake the litter.In an extreme case it would have to forcibly open beak.With the 15-day-old chick accustom yourself to eat.Scatter feed on the cage.When the chick starts to pick up food from the floor, get it trough.Over time, you will need a wide cage, the bird could fly.Do not forget to water the chicks: to the tip of its beak puts pipette.The water must be boiled.Milk and other drinks can not be given.

Consider the composition of a mixture, which can be prepared as feed for young sparrow: Grate carrots on a fine grater, squeeze the juice.Boil hard boiled egg, and repeat the previous steps (except for squeezing).The mixture should add meat.Use boiled chicken breast.Crush her with a knife, splitting the fibers.The same is done with the salad or dandelion leaves (about a tablespoon).Now take 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese, squeeze the liquid out of it.Then add 2 tablespoons cheese.spoon millet porridge (without salt and oil).Add a teaspoon of powdered dry daphnia or Gammarus, calcium glycerophosphate (1 tablet per liter of the final mixture).Crush eggshells (0.5 teaspoons).Now, all mix and allow to stand.Then make the mixture to small balls and start feeding your pet.

Now you know that sparrows chicks can survive at home.It remains to wish you good luck in this difficult matter, as the chick-rearing sparrow.