Dimensions mites and especially their behavior

Mites belong to the class of arachnids, in Division Arthropods, scientists there are more than 48 thousand of their species.But as soon as some species are parasites, suffering various diseases of humans and animals.Most of them eats organic food.Like earthworms, mites play an important role in the formation of soil humus.Some species of mites cause damage to agriculture, feeding on sap of cultivated plants.Among some species of arthropods encountered such a thing as omovampirizm when unfed powered drunk the blood of his brother.

Dimensions ticks are very small - from 0.2 mm to 5 mm, the size of several females larger than males.Females only some species can reach 3 cm in length.The study deals with ticks zoology section called acarologists.

Of the variety of species in a person's home can be found gamasid ticks saprophytes (house dust mites) and ticks.

Gamasid mites that feed on the blood of mammals, can enter the premises with rodents (rats and mice) and usually live in places of communications supply (in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the toilet), under the baseboards, behind furniture.

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having small sizes of dust mites with the naked eye is almost impossible to see.In human habitation, they are most often found in the pile of the carpet on the floor, as well as upholstery, soft toys, apparel, bedding - pillows, mattresses, blankets.They serve as food for the desquamation of human skin.

Ticks can get into the housing, attached to clothing human or animal hair, as well as with things, firewood, bouquets of flowers, and so on. N. The food for them is blood and lymph of mammals, and the saturation process can continueup to three weeks.

their prey mites attack during the warm season - from April to October, most activity occurs at the end of spring - early summer.It is worth noting that the number of ticks that can infect any human diseases, including tick-borne encephalitis, Crimean hemorrhagic fever or Lyme disease, there are only 1%, ie. E. 99% of ticks bites to humans are not dangerous.

Ticks do not jump on their prey, they were waiting for her on the ground or in the grass.Once in the body, the mite is not immediately sticks to the skin - up to this point can take several hours, so if you have a small size ticks to notice, the bite can be avoided.

mark the place, tick bites through the skin and inserts into the wound covered with a special outgrowth chitin teeth pharynx (gipostom), looks like a harpoon.That is why the tick size of which increases as the filling with blood, it is difficult to remove.This is usually done with the help of tweezers.After removal of the tick wound treated with an iodine solution or alcohol.Dressing is not necessary.Whether a person bitten by a tick encephalitis, size and appearance is no different from neentsefalitnogo, it can be determined only in the laboratory, so as soon as possible to apply to the medical institution.

To protect against ticks, you need before heading into the forest to take special security measures - wear clothing with long sleeves and pants tucked into socks, compulsory to wear a hat and if possible use a repellent tick repellents that are applied toexposed areas of the body and clothing.If you plan to frequent the places where these attacks may arthropods, it is best to be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis.Returning home, it should be carefully examine themselves and their pet for the presence of pests, because the size of mites, has not stuck to the skin, do not allow them to immediately detect.

Following these basic precautions can preserve not only health, but also, perhaps, life.